In a July 19 Wall Street Journal article titled “Why No Outrage?”, James Grant notes that financial behavior that would have been met with outrage in the 19th century is now met with near-silence from a too-tolerant populace. Why? He suggests that the lack of outrage may be because the old 19th century Populists actually won . . . .


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  1. Thank you Ellen Brown for researching and writing about such an important topic. The masses need to become aware and educated about this matter as a first step to taking grass roots poltical action to force legislative action to reform our entire monetary system.

  2. Dear Ellen:

    Great article!

    The quote by Charles Lindberg Sr. is, in my view, a very accurate expression of the reality of the Wall Street bankings interests today.

    His son never mentioned the Federal Reserve in any speeches but did, in his isolationist speeches, identify three groups he considered behind getting the US into World War II.

    The entire picture may be greater than you have thought.


  3. Thanks John. Do tell!

  4. good article. the consolidation is only getteing worse. As we speak countrywide, now with jp morgan, is denying loan modifications unless the borrower gets their new loan through them.

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