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  1. I want to buy our web of debt audio book but cannot access your websitePlease send me a link to jackloel@yahoo.com

  2. […] 01 01 – Web of Debt – The Confiscation of Bank Deposits and The Derivative Debt: James Corbett interviews Ellen Brown on … […]

  3. […] 01 01 – Web of Debt – The Confiscation of Bank Deposits and The Derivative Debt: James Corbett interviews Ellen Brown on … […]

  4. I spied an old article on this blog mentioning that Credit Unions also have accounts in the TBTF Banks. The banking system is largely interdependent in this way.

    Thinking ahead, I would think that if one bank had a bail-in, nervous people would flock to their banks and withdraw all their deposits, causing a bank-run. Is there a possibility that the credit unions would be forced to do bail-ins in order to avoid this type of domino effect?

    I guess the question all comes down to the bail-in documents that have been created. Do you know if credit unions are under the authority of the regime that created those documents, and if there are any specifics in the bail-in legislation related to credit unions?

  5. although your research is correct on this fraud called derivatives the markets seem to be ignoring that fact.they are again at their all time high after a fall of 800 pts .the markets have clawed their way back to within a 100pts from all time high.why is this happening??what does the insider wall street criminals know we don t ????

    • All you need to know about this and other related questions about the “market” is that they all, maybe except your local Farmer’s Market, are controlled by the Elites in the background – they are not an organic process as college Econ 101 would have you believe. Everything else flows from this.

  6. Ellen, where are there the safer banks to put your money? Please name names ! Is Bank Privat Andorra, Switzerland, Bank of China, Singapore, Norway? It is hard for the average person to know where to go and who is in the background of the banks in the world. I know you are not in the game of recommending banks, but are there any that are safer? Also, any public banks in U.S.? How about the North Dakota State bank – how vulnerable is it to a (the!) bank crash.

    I’ve be following you for many years and am a big fan. Please answer this for me if you can: yes, your solutions are excellent and sound, but how likely is it that anyone can start one of these banks that you recommend due to the more than strong banking interests that control the planet? They are not going to allow any competition. Please comment either here or in an article

  7. Marti, Margaret MacGruder Barnwall has an article on that subject, the ND state bank system. Apparently it is only for that state’s citizens.

    • Joe, would very much like to read her article but was unable to find. Can you point me toward it? Thanx, m

      • sure! my mistake: it is Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall, with an e. my brain was out of gear. I have read some dozen or so articles and should remember he name. she publishes, for one, on veteranstoday.com. scroll to the bottom of the page, SEARCH, type in her name or subject -derivatives, state banks, federal reserve, fiat currency- they are all there. she is like ellen, smart, and informed. if you have any problems, send reply.

  8. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/07/06/what-is-fiat-currency-what-is-money/
    Marti, this is a link, if it is allowed here. we will soon find out! once there you can locate Marilyn’s other subjects.

  9. http://www.newswithviews.com/Barnewall/marilynA.htm
    while I am here I should add that this has all of her articles. I just now found the link again.

    • Joe, Wow, this writer is a real gem. Thanks for turning me on to her ! ! I so agree with her. She knows a lot about banking. Thank God for Alt-Media ! !
      I would still love to know if there is a safe bank to put your money – one that is not under the control of the diabolical Banksters who are engineering a crash so as to steal the middle classes money. m

      • the diff between newswithviews and the VT site is that on VT there are generally a lot of intelligent questions, like this site, but Marilyn answers, debates whatever, which is informative. I think you can send her e mail; I have, and she was very helpful. I’m waiting for ellen to answer your question -as we all are. Or we are waiting for an answer from above, whatever. You know, I don’t think there is anyplace safer than your small FCU, local bank, etc., but they are entwined with the big 6, which have 67% of all deposits.
        she might recommend moving money tto Uruguay, if you are desperate! I’m happy I found ellenbrown and MMB. sadly, I am more informed, but see no solution.

  10. […] The Confiscation of Bank Deposits and The Derivative Debt: James Corbett interviews Ellen Brown on … […]

  11. […] ⇧   The Confiscation of Bank Deposits and The Derivative Debt: James Corbett interviews Ellen Brown on G… […]

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