The Public Bank Solution

WHAT WALL STREET DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW Shock waves from one Wall Street scandal after another have completely disillusioned us with our banking system; yet we cannot do without banks. Nearly all money today is simply bank credit. Economies run on it, and it is created when banks make loans. The main flaw in […]

Santa Fe Public Banking Conference on video; upcoming events

The Santa Fe Public Banking Conference last weekend was a great success.  The videotaped event can be seen here. Our guest on “It’s Our Money” on PRN next Wednesday, October 8th, will be Richard Wolff, the keynote speaker in Santa Fe.  Listen at noon PST/3 pm EST or on archive here. The Praxis Peace Economics of […]

Public bank advocates gather: Seek to boost local banks over Wall Street

I’ll be speaking at the Philadelphia and Santa Fe conferences described in the press release below, as well as at the Economics of Sustainability conference in San Francisco Oct 6-9 and the Kilkenomics Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland, November 6-9.  Should be fun!  Ellen Update: The Main Session of the Santa Fe event on September 27th will be […]

A Public Bank Option for Scotland

Scottish voters will go to the polls on September 18th to decide whether Scotland should become an independent country. As video blogger Ian R. Crane colorfully puts the issues and possibilities: [T]he People of Scotland have an opportunity to extricate themselves from the socio-psychopathic global corporatists and the temple of outrageous and excessive abject materialism. […]

Are Public Banks Unconstitutional? No. Are Private Banks? Maybe.

The movement to break away from Wall Street and form publicly-owned banks continues to gain momentum. But enthusiasts are deterred by claims that a state-owned bank would violate constitutional prohibitions against “lending the credit of the state.” California’s constitution is typical. It states in Section 17: “The State shall not in any manner loan its […]

Public Banking in Vermont: The Saga Continues

Public Banking in Costa Rica: A Remarkable Little-known Model

In Costa Rica, publicly-owned banks have been available for so long and work so well that people take for granted that any country that knows how to run an economy has a public banking option. Costa Ricans are amazed to hear there is only one public depository bank in the United States (the Bank of […]

Public Banking Forum of Ireland Power Point — “The Irish Debt Crisis: Time to Think Outside the Box”

Cheers to the recently-formed Public Banking Forum of Ireland!  Here is the power point version of several presentations done at their events this week — Ireland Power Point

No More Detroits…The Philadelphia Public Bank Solution

See also a new 1-hour video posted on the PublicBankingTV channel showing Mike Krauss’ presentation to a group in Philadelphia on the proposed Philadelphia Public Bank.  This video is full of information useful to people interested in finding out what a public bank could do for their city, county, university, etc.  It’s linked here.

Public Banking for Wales, Ireland and Scotland: Promise and Possibilities

Dr. Ian Jenkins of Arian Cymru (Money Wales) has written two excellent articles on why Wales should have its own bank and how that might be accomplished. The shorter article is reprinted below, and the longer, more technical article is linked here. Dr. Jenkins is hosting an event in Cardiff on September 26th titled “Banking […]

Review of Public Banking Conference by Matt Stannard

HUNDREDS GATHER FOR PUBLIC BANKING AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE, by Matt Stannard, June 20, 2013 By any standards, the 2013 Public Banking Conference, held at beautiful Dominican University in San Rafael, California, was a success. In a political world where like-minded groups seldom converge on practical policy blueprints, it was an astounding success. Hundreds of committed […]

Public Banking for “We the People” Conference Call

On April 6, 2013, Ellen Brown of the Public Banking Institute joined Rocky Anderson in a thoughtful discussion relating to the 2008 economic crash and what we can do to protect our state and local economies when Wall Street Banks tank. Fortunately, we have an operating model in North Dakota to learn from: A public […]

Political Football Over Disaster Relief: Another Argument for Public Banking

In a shameless display of putting politics before human needs, Congress began 2013 still scrapping over a $60 billion Hurricane Sandy relief bill fully nine weeks after the disaster hit. And if the Katrina experience is any indication, the bill may not bring adequate relief to struggling and displaced homeowners even when it is finally passed. The […]

From North Dakota to Scotland: Exploring the Public Bank Option

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and the Bank of Scotland have been pillars of Scotland’s economy and culture for over three centuries.  So when the RBS was nationalized by the London-based UK government following the 2008 banking crisis, and the Bank of Scotland was acquired by the London-based Lloyds Bank, it came as a […]

Interviews on public banking

I’ll be traveling again for the next month, to Switzerland, Malaysia, Scotland, and the East Coast, so may not get an article out; but here are three interviews on public banking from last month’s travels — November 5, 2012 — “Populist Dialogues,” Alliance for Democracy with David Delk, “Escaping the Great Recession with Public Banking,” […]

Hurricane Sandy, the Great Red River Flood, the Philadelphia interest swap crisis, and public banking

I’ve been traveling and speaking for most of the last month and will be again in November, so haven’t managed to get an article out; but here are three posts on public banking that came out in the last week that I think are excellent: HURRICANE SANDY & THE GREAT RED RIVER FLOOD How the […]

David Brodwin, U.S. News: “Can Public Banking Finance the New Economy?”

North Dakota shines like a bright star in the dark night of America’s Great Recession. It stands out for two reasons: First, it led the United States in sustaining a strong economy and high employment through the last four years. Second, it is the only state in the union with a publicly-owned bank. Many believe the Bank of North Dakota played […]

Announcing the First Annual Public Banking Institute Conference, April 27th-28th in Philadelphia

A warm invitation is extended to our first annual Public Banking Institute Conference at the Friends Center in Philadelphia, April 27th-28th.  More information is here.


California is the eighth largest economy in the world, and it has a debt burden to match. It has outstanding general obligation bonds and revenue bonds of $158 billion, largely incurred for infrastructure. Of this tab, $70 billion is just for interest. Over $7 billion of California’s annual budget goes to pay interest on the […]

In Context TV Video on Public Banking–Featuring the Bank of North Dakota and the Public Banking Institute