I set this blog up originally to present updates on what is going on in the economy, but wound up posting my own articles on it.  Since then, I’ve gotten so much interesting feedback that I decided to take a stab at establishing a “virtual community” of armchair money reformers and their thoughts on fixing the system.   Join in the debate!  Your feedback, comments, views, and ideas are welcome.  Please also visit: http://www.webofdebt.com and http://publicbanksolution.com.

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  1. Need some anti fed music? Try National Strike! by Loren Dean at: showcaseyourmusic.com. Its free to listen or download.

  2. Ellen,
    To get your message out to the public about the Federal Reserve..run for office as a Congressman/Senator. The American public would start reading your books because of your interviews on radio, television and magazines, more Americans become educated therefor effecting “our” elected officals here to join you in reforming the money supply.


    • Respect Bernard’s desire to get good, knowledgeable, trustworthy people in Congress. But your time far better spent getting clarity and focus into drive for financial reform. Until public understands and joins in goal, nothing much will get done in Congress. Congress may follow, unlikely to lead. Dodd/Frank was honest try, completely gutted.

  3. Hi Ellen,

    I live in Australia. Just read you book. It’s very well researched and written. It’s great to have an insight into how the Fed operates. I cannot believe the American people let it get to this stage! Unbelievable.

  4. Inquiring minds want to know…is Ms Brown related to Geoff Hodgson of the University of Hertfordshire? It would make good economic sense…

  5. Hi Ellen,
    A friend emailed me this and I’m forwarding it for your perusal. It is somewhat off topic for this blog, but interesting….


    Please read thoroughly before making your decision.

    Skip Martin

    The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971…before computers, before e-mail, before cell phones, etc.

    Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land…all because of public pressure.

    I’m asking you to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on your address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

    In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

    Congressional Reform Act of 2011

    1. Term Limits.
    12 years only, one of the possible options below.
    A. Two Six-year Senate terms
    B. Six Two-year House terms
    C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

    2. No Tenure / No Pension.

    A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

    3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people.

    4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

    5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

    8. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/11.

    The American people did not make the current contract with members of Congress. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

    Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

    If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S. ) to receive the message.



  6. Hi Ellen
    I liked your article ‘Libya all about oil, or central banking?’, I guess that now just leaves the Rothschilds / illuminati / New World Order continuing their ‘axis of evil’ media owned campaign against the only central banks they don’t control [see below article] (Sudan, Iran, Cuba & N.Korea). When Afghan was also ticked off the list recently, it’s all beginning to make sense why the USA went into this ‘independent’ country that had nothing.

    Read ‘Bankers: The Only Profession That Drove Jesus to Violence’

    I also now understand why Prophet Mohammed’s last sermon (his most famous) warned about interest in his FIRST paragraph ahead of all other aspects of the religion:
    “…God has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore all interest obligations shall henceforth be waived. Your capital is yours to keep. You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity. God has Judged that there shall be no interest…”

    I think how it should work in your ‘stuck on a treasure island’ model, that a State should issue its own notes and coins legal (not gold as the Rothschild private bankers control this and also will use derivatives to destroy that nation’s currency and create unstable prices). I would only change the fact that because interest is/should-be banned, it is replaced with the fact that the State Bank takes a profit share of when it lends to businesses and individuals (i.e. a joint venture risk-reward partnership, this will also reduce the need for an insurance industry that adds no value to the economy). All the profit the State then makes get re-circulated back for the State’s infrastructure and advancement = a debt free growing country forever as the founding fathers of America dreamed of.

    Strongly recommended article:-

  7. Hi,

    I am Myrina Stein and I am a member of some financial communities. I just visited your site webofdebt.wordpress.com and I am a frequent reader of your blog.The articles of your blog is really worth reading. The quality of your content is excellent.
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    Please let me know your thoughts. Waiting for your positive reply. Reach me at: myrina (dot) stein (dot) 888 [at] gmail (dot) com


  8. Please read the latest giveaway to the largest “Too Big to Fail” firms.
    This time its a billion dollar bailout by the bureaucrats at the IRS.


    No oversite, no impact statement, no running it by congress, nothing.
    Just a big tax loophole arranged by the powerful lobbyist to make sure the big firms don’t pay any taxes for many years to come.

    The IRS is just going to look the other way as the treasury is bled dry.

    Your tax dollars given to the top ten bailout scammers.

    Please share, facebook, twitter, anything to get the word out, thanks.

  9. Ellen, mostly just want to somehow THANK YOU.

    Also, a three-part video interview with you on your site goes from Part 1, to Part 2, and back to Part 1 instead of Part 3.


  10. Hello Ellen,

    My name is Jesse Colombo and I’m the creator of http://www.TheBubbleBubble.com, a website recently built to warn about currently-expanding economic bubbles, including what I call the “CCC Aches” Bubbles: China, Commodities, Canada, Australia, College (U.S.), Healthcare (U.S.), Emerging markets & Social media as well as the post-2008 Northern and Western European housing bubble.

    I’ve been a bubble blogger since early 2004, when I built a fairly popular website called “Stock Market Crash!” for the purpose of warning about the U.S. housing and banking bubble.

    I’m looking to introduce myself to fellow economic skeptic bloggers and establish relationships for the purpose of sharing information on this important topic. I’m a great fan of The Web of Debt website, especially your QE/hyperinflation fear debunking articles (I linked to them on my site) – keep up the great work!

    Looking forward to communicating with you,

    Jesse Colombo
    Private Investor & Financial Writer

    Called one of “The Ten People Who Predicted the Meltdown”
    by The Times of London in 2008

  11. Ellen, I would be interested in your take on the recent “Chicago Plan Revisited” document of the IMF. I can’t find it anywhere on your website.

  12. Ellen,
    Thank you for your countless hours researching and studying and then assembling that knowledge into readable (and enjoyable) material. It’s much appreciated!

    Every year 24/7 Wall St. lists the best and worst run states in America. This year North Dakota is listed as the #1 Best Run State. I know this is no surprise to you. Unfortunately the researchers give no mention of North Dakota’s in-state banking system. But we know better 🙂


  13. Ellen,

    Your banking reform ideas are intrigueing. I write about the banking disaster on my blog: commonblog.com frequently. We badly need banking reform and a return to neighborhood banking. I live in Los Angeles and office here and in Kansas City, my home town. I graduated from UMKC in 1968 in business. If there is some way I can help your cause please let me know.


  14. Hi Ellen, Gratitude for all that you do and all that you are.
    Do you know that all so called Governments and Corporaions have been foreclosed? Yes this is true. Here is the first thread for you.

  15. You need to include facebook and other share buttons. This is important information that needs the widest possible dissemination.

  16. re: your article:How to Protect Public Revenues from the Next Meltdown
    Do you think credit union account holders would be safe?

  17. You are cordially invited to visit this new website: http://www.i-globals.org. Your work and blog is cited and linked therein.

  18. Dear Ellen,

    Perhaps you could urge your listeners to write to their elected officials along the following lines:

    People who have made correct predictions in the past, and/or have good BBB ratings, predict that another Great Depression could arise from the popping of our national debt and money printing bubbles. The latter could eventually cause hyper-inflation such as was seen in the early 1920’s Weimar Republic. We must stop printing more money—or we risk starvation, social unrest, and threats to our democratic freedoms.

    As for the national debt, I read that due to the drought there is expected to be a shortage of chocolate in the next few years. One of the more sustainable uses of the tropical rainforests is the harvesting of chocolate. If we purchase rainforest land for $75 an acre (we can pass a Constitutional Amendment if need be) and then sell it to chocolate makers for $2,500 an acre (with there being two or three billion acres,) then we can eliminate the current deficits for the next ten years. Perhaps by then the economy’s growth will be enough to cover it.

    Best regards, Jeanette Norman

  19. Hi Ellen – I just finished listening to your interview on Greg Hunter. Something that I found most interesting and which I have to write to you, is the part where you said you’re not leaving California, and there’s something “inspiring” about living and writing in California. You also said that “they seem to be targeting California”, as pertaining to all kinds of negative “attacks”, etc.

    I’ve written a blog of over 1 million words, … https://illuminatimatrix.wordpress.com … after a lifetime of more than 6 decades spent contemplating “things”. After 40 years of increasingly intense focus on world matters, … I finally comprehended what it was that I was looking for. And, … interestingly enough, … it’s all about California, and the 11 Western States.

    Did you know that California is the SHAPE of what used to be the Marriott Hotel, which stood between Tower 1 and Tower 2 of the destroyed World Trade Center on 911? Also, that Tower 1 and Tower 2 coincide precisely with Oregon and Arizona? And that all the building locations of the destroyed WTC coincide with the 11 Western States and British Columbia? Yet again, … that the TWIN TOWERS were actually symbolic of the TWIN PILLARS that stood in front of the destroyed Solomon’s Temple? Yet again, … that the ROCK which was positioned under Solomon’s Temple and which coincided with the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple is the shape of the 11 WESTERN UNITED STATES? I’m very serious about this!

    Today, … the Islamic shrine called the Dome of the Rock sits over this ROCK. And we know how the so-called “muslim” jihadists are in the news year after year. Which are not muslims at all, but are the product of neo-cons, fascists, and elitists, … who in turn are what we might refer to as “occultists”, … meaning those who conspire in hidden circles, operating through deception.

    Yes, California is targeted. If you wish to know more, … the time is very late, and you’ll need assistance in cutting to the core of this maze.

    Thank you for reading this message and for allowing it to be published.

    All the best,
    Bryan Kemila

  20. Dear Ms. Brown,
    My economics professor informed the graduate class, many decades ago, how the government and the Federal Reserve implement the creation of fiat money using deficit spending as authorized by Congress.

    After the FRBNY receives possession of the allotted Treasury security, there must be a way to sell the asset. The facility is in public view—the auctions of Treasury securities. Since the assets belong to the FR, it is the responsibility of the FRBNY to properly distribute the funds. The FRBNY has exclusive control of such distribution. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. No distribution audit of these records has every been found.

    The funds from deficit spending are merged with the funds from securities auctioned to roll-over pre-existing securities issued in years past. The Primary Dealers are tasked with collecting securities for redemption and recall. The owners of the Board of Governors, who are alleged to be receiving funds from auctions of deficit spending securities, can easily be concealed among the PD’s. (NOTE: It is the conclusion of this writer the BOG is incorporated and the owners are among the PD’s. Ownership of a privately held corporation is not required to submit company records to the SEC. The BOG has specific statutory duties and obligations. The FR, with goals and objectives, is not believed to be incorporated. Questions about the ownership of the FR can be ridiculed and scorned that the FR is a government entity.)

    It is submitted the Federal Reserve currently embezzles a trillion dollars annually that legally belongs to the government with the above operation.

    This thesis is expanded at http://www.scribd.com/doc/153024003/Amended-Complaint-Federal-Reserve-whistleblower      and

    Is it of interest to you?

    James Carter

  21. Ellen, Neel Kashkari, overseer of the TARP program and now president of the Minneapolis federal reserve bank, wants your suggestions for dealing with the Too Big To Fail problem. He has posted a form on the Mpls Fed’s web site soliciting ideas from the public. The online form is here: https://www.minneapolisfed.org/publications/special-studies/endingtbtf/share-your-ideas

    I thought you might have something to share with him.

  22. Hi Ellen, Michael Melio here. Just and FYI: the Chapter links to your webpage on Public Banking Solution do not appear to be working. https://ellenbrown.com/books/the-public-bank-solution/

  23. The L.A.Times editorial board published an attack on public banking today. https://www.latimes.com/opinion/editorials/la-ed-public-bank-bill-20190527-story.html Ellen, you should write a rebuttal and submit it to the paper as an op-ed.

  24. I am so impressed by your logic, thought, writing and all. Thanks so much. This resonates with so much of my own thought and analysis.
    It is SO refreshing to hear a simple robust set of points about the US>China situation. Makes perfect sense, but Im not sure where that leaves us in Oz.
    Best wishes and thanks from Melbourne, Oz.

  25. Dear Ellen Brown,
    So, apparently the Fed is giving the banks 75 Billion a day at this time in response to the Banks Repo Program being underfunded, or liquidation assets? Don’t know exactly how this works or why. Didn’t Congress pass a law saying no more money to bail out the big banks? Also, Why is the Fed giving the Big Banks money when there is no evidence to where the Big Banks money is going? What is causing the Big Banks the inability to balance out their ledgers at the end of the day that is causing the Big Banks to borrow from each other? Which is what the Repo program is about…Banks ability to lend money to each other. But I don’t understand about the Repo regulations has to do with liquidation assets…not educated on tis part. When money is properly ledgered, invested, and managed there is no loss. So what did the banks do this time?
    This is stupidly insane. Please look into this ! Please let me know what you find. I’d like to better understand what is going on here.

  26. Ellen,
    The writing at https://www.spartareport.com/2019/11/the-federal-reserve-a-different-view/. Details how the Fed is used to embezzle from the government for the benefit of Wall Street bankers. It has been lengthened to show the — Bloomberg L.P. v. Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System, 649 F. Supp. 2d 262, 274 (S.D.N.Y. 2009), aff’d, 601 F.3d 143 (2d Cir. 2010). —has opened the FRBs to FOIA access. [no links available yet. Be glad to send you a copy.] Do you know of any entity that might be interested in being a plaintiff ?
    Thanks for any help. Jim

  27. https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN20P0PO?__twitter_impression=true

    what is the “Swiss National Bank”? is it a government owned bank distributing its profits to the state?

  28. Ellen, what is your connection with the new Public Bank of LA? Or rather, what was your input inducing Calif. Gov. Nuisance to sign off on the public bank proposal allowing for the upcoming creation of PublicBankLA?

    How can we in LA county be pro-active in its creation and not remain, as you mention in your blog intro “armchair economists”?

    Many thanks and keep up the great work!

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