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Many people have asked for help with their foreclosures. For a discussion of legal remedies and a list of attorneys, click on the link

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  1. my home was sold at auction a week ago november 18th. what can i do to save my home? the servicer submitted my modification to my investors and the investors denied the modification and provided no reason why. the intrest rate is 6.75, and requested to reduce it to 3% the investor would only reduce to 6%, which he knew i could not make payments on a 6% loan. please help. i don’t know what they are going to do next

    • Sorry, I can’t help you directly; I’m no longer in practice. But check the suggestions on the page you posted under. Good luck, Ellen

    • I know this is hard. My family (wife and four kids) and I went through this as well in 2007. The worst was giving up the dog.

      We ended up renting a place for a while. There are lots of places to rent available everywhere. Many homeowners are in the same situation and are renting out their house to avoid foreclosure. Check out the fancy neighborhoods! You’ll be surprised.

      At this point, pray every day and take things a day at a time. Don’t worry about your credit for right now. Once you figure out what you can afford, you’ll get by until things turn around.



  2. I too went through foreclosure and bankruptcy last year. I was getting hammered by high monthly payments but could just about get by. I decided to stop paying the bank while researching the subject. When the penny finally dropped, how could I ever go back to repaying the mortgage? So I went to the repossion hearing, very unprepared, but stood up and argued the Jerome daly defense. This didn’t work but during the following insolvency proceedings, I used a freeman argument and now the matter is closed. i owe no money any more, rent an apartment and live off what I earn.

    I really think Ellen is right about everything in the book; I’m just finishing reading it for the second time in a year. I can also recommend Michael Rowbothams’ Grip of Death which is slightly UK based but the system is really the same the world over. This is why any successful reform movement should ideally be thinking global.

    Many thanks

  3. I know what you mean I have gone through the thing, with 2 single home and two 6 family commercial properties. They were actioned off at 10% of there value.

  4. Just a few month ago I had a good credit rating but work just ceased, the credit card companies that I had great credit with for years (never been late, over limit) cut my credit without notice.
    Some of these companies are national TARP receipients which tended to piss me off.
    I’ve stopped paying those CC’s that cut my business lines period. I’ve heard stories of people paying their CC’s first then defaulting on their mortgage…in this economy?? They will cut you without provocation, let alone a ‘late mortage payment’ credit report.

  5. The banks earn more money off of foreclosures and short sales than they do from loan mods. Loan mods are to bleed the last penny until such time as you give up, then they foreclose and/or short sale. Don’t play the game. For more info, go to

  6. my bother is in the business of saving peoples homes
    from forclosure, im sure he can help ask for the foreclosure consultant at 914 729 9010 mr williams

  7. Very good posts indeed ,we”re going thru the same thing
    I wonder how many people Had a loan with Chase Bank
    now there is a bunch of greedy sobs. I”ve sent more paper
    work and always it is never enough or I didn”t send the right
    papers etc. if anybody deserves to be taken down a notch
    or two it”s that outfit but then you never know they might just
    be to big to fail …. again!

  8. Whether a debt consolidation company is non profit or for profit, they will charge monthly fees to service your payments. Fees range from 14 to 69 depending on the number of creditors involved. Upfront fees or a percent of your monthly payments are usually a sign of a fraudulent non-profit company. For profit companies do charge a fee since they arent subsidized by creditors.

  9. Chapter III of Mau Mauing Youir Lender For Dummies mentions a business model which extends somewhat our old debate over a foreclosed homeowners right to remove the furnace and take it with him on the way out the door.

    The Visigoth Wrecking & Demolition Company contracts w/the homeowner prior to the sale/law day. etc Before taking a sawzall to the door and window frames (for easy removal & resale) the prudent Goths check w/the foreclosing lender to give them a heads -up & confirm the stated pre-sale status of the property.

    Sadly. the diligent barbarians keep getting their contracts cancelled after the lender takes advantage of this notification and subverts the homeowner by making him a modification offer that he cannot refuse. .


  10. I forgot the best part of the story–the Servicemark of the business:

    “When you can’t strip the liens let us strip the windows.”

  11. The major problem we face in our trashed economy is that our politicians are incentivized to do exactly what is in the best interest of the banks and NOT in the best interest of the public — through campaign contributions, otherwise known as legal bribes.

    Nothing is going to change until we have public funding of campaigns. Our problem is NOT government, and it is not R’s or D’s. It *IS* that government is owned by the special interests that want in the taxpayer’s pockets.

    As a former CEO my company would not have survived if I had an employee or board of directors who took money on the side and gave away company assets in return. Our country can’t survive this corruption either.

    If politicians are going to be beholden to their funders, those funders should be the taxpayers. And at $5 per taxpayer per year it would be a bargain. Even at 100 times that. We MUST demand that our senators and representative pass the bill at:

    Jack Lohman …

  12. Want to save your home from foreclosure? Please check our http://www.right It’s a 4-step program that does not require an attorney’s representation – all forms, affidavits, petitions and motions are provided in template form. I’m using RTC’s program right now. Many have had great success with RTC.

  13. Now having realized that we are being systemically pillaged and plundered and have been for quite some time we must also face the fact that if we do not match the tactics and methods that the 1% uses to maintain their death grip on us we stand little chance of making any change whatsoever. The financial elites are ruthless adversaries who will stop at nothing to maintain their self aggrandizement. They have seized our government in the U.S.A. as well as many others, and countless innocent people have died in the power grabs that have played out. It is absolutely vital that we stop at nothing to de-throne this class of sociopaths/psychopaths who believe themselves to be not only above the law but somehow superior to the rest of humanity We can solve the debt part of the equation by separating these God like masters of the universe from the massive wealth they have stolen.
    It is high time that the peoples of countries have their wealth and resources returned to them and the great perpetrators responsible be given the justice which is due them. We should start with the bankers but continue into every aspect of public assets that have been systemically looted for private interests.

    • Right on. “. . . we must also face the fact that if we do not match the tactics and methods that the 1% uses to maintain their death grip on us we stand little chance of making any change whatsoever” might indeed be the case. It seems to me the correct line of analysis for what we should be doing. And the illicitly obtained wealth that the 1% has amassed should be confiscated– $32T of it from Wall Street in off-shore tax havens. Cut off the head of the plutocracy.

    • This is massive attempt to grab the land! Make them PROVE they are the “BOSS OF THE NOTE” in a court room…read up on this and spread the word far and wide. I lsuggest you start by going here www DOT cloudedtitles Dot com and study the links on the site to get a huge education. Once you have your evidence from your COTA , file your lawsuit & have your “counsel” get judge to sign off so you can mail in your monthly mortgage payments to a court appointed escrow account until the matter is settled and “THEY” prove they are entitled to those payments. Get to studying now.

  14. I have a unique situation perhaps someone could comment:

    I am in foreclosure in Indiana… a judicial foreclosure state.

    I refinanced my home in Aug 2008 through an FHA loan made through SPLending.
    At closing on the 26 Aug… I started to sign papers… including signing a mortgage document. But before signing the Note discovered there was a $700.00 short fall in the accounting and therefore the cash out check back to me. The closing agent suggested I not sign the note.

    The mortgage was closed that day, the closing agent notarized the mortgage document and the cash out check was given to me. The Mortgage was filed on 04 Sept in the county. The mortgage was sold or transferred to JPC bank on 08 Sept. Shortly thereafter, I received notice to make the first payment on 01 Oct. to JPC bank, and notice my mortgage had been transferred to JPC bank.

    On 25 Nov. the closing agent called and left a message at home for me to come in and sign papers the next day. On 26 Nov. I meet with the closing agent of the original closing and was presented a printed noted made to SPLending with a printed date of 26 Aug. She said, “I need this note signed”. I asked about the $700.00 shortfall and she said they did not have the money nor would the money be paid but she still ‘needed this note signed”. She left the room while I was to sign. I signed the paper in the space indicated but hand dated my signature the date of signing, 26 Nov. I did not see any assignment signatures on the note but there was a printed space for one below the signature section. I left the agent’s office.

    5 years later I was unable to pay my payments. JPCbank sued for foreclosure. In the complaint served 19 Dec of this year they provided a copy of the mortgage, and a copy of the note but the note had an assignment signatures from SPLending to JPCbank in the area below my original signature. The pleadings allege that I did not pay payments, I owe money, I am in default and importantly I signed note on 26 Nov. but this was 92 days after signing and the mortgage on 26 Aug. The note does has “as of language” as well as referring the a Mortgage for and as to provisions of a payment.

    I have not answered the complain asking for a settlement conference and an enlargement of time of 30 days to answer the complaint after the finish of the settlement conference. The Judge called me and said he agreed with the motions but would use his own orders rather than mine… but as he is going on vacation for two weeks the orders would not go out tell he got back and explained the settlement conference would be as follows 30 days to answer the questions, 60 day following the conference would be scheduled, 30 days following the settlement conference would be held under court supervision, and then I would have 30 days to answer the original complaint… said you have plenty of time to get attorneys in place.

    Comments as to the note would be appreciated. I think:
    a. Note did not exist at closing on 26 Aug.
    b. Note was not negotiated (signed and delivered) to SPLending until after JPCbank had acquired mortgage.
    c. Mortgage has a technical problem with consideration… but the mortgage being assigned later protects JPCbank as holder in due course.
    d. Mortgage was transferred without a note… note signed 71 days after transfer.
    e. HUD regs. were violated as to
    1. closing must have note signed, mortgage signed and money
    tendered…. but no note signed or existed at closing.
    2. The closing docs. copy which by law must include the note could
    not have been submitted to FHA within the 60 days after closing.
    f. The assignment from SPlending to JPCbank of the was note made after 26 Nov. this would have to be more than 71 days after assignment of mortgage.
    g. Mortgage was made for consideration… but the consideration was not fully given.
    h. Note gratuitously signed without any consideration….
    j. Note having handwritten date of 26 Nov. trumps form printed date of 26 Aug.
    h. The note was fabricated after the fact…
    i. The signature on the note was did not memorialize an event but fabricated the event if the note is presented to be made with the mortgage.

  15. A short sale is where a buyer buys your home for an amount short of (less than) the amount that you owe then bank and the bank accepts that amount to settle the loan.

  16. If you are in Massachusetts, go to for help with self representation. We’ll win this together.

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