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Banking on the People: Democratizing Money in the Digital Age

Democracy Collaborative 2019, order here                                                                        Expert-Author-seal                   

The Public Bank Solution:
From Austerity to Prosperity

Third Millennium Press, 2013
Paperback — list price $25.00, order here or here

Ebook — $9.95, order here 


Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our
Money System and How We Can Break Free 

Third Millennium Press, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012
Paperback — list price $25.00, order here
Ebook — $9.95, order here


Forbidden Medicine

Third Millennium Press, 1998
Paperback; list price $19.95, order here 




Healing Joint Pain Naturally
Safe and Effective Ways To Treat Arthritis, Fybromyalgia and Other Joint Diseases

Broadway Books, 2001
Paperback; list price $12.95



Key to Ultimate Health


The Key to Ultimate Health: Non-toxic Dentistry

co-authored with Richard T. Hansen, DMD, FACAD
Advanced Health Research Institute, 1998, 2000
Paperback; list price $24.95


Nature’s Pharmacy for Children: Drug Free Alternatives for More Than 160 Childhood Ailments
co-authored with Lendon H. Smith, M.D., and Lynne Paige Walker, Pharm.D.,

Crown Books, 2002
Paperback; list price $18.00


Nature’s Pharmacy: Break the Drug Cycle with Safe, Natural Treatments for 200 Everyday Ailments
co-authored with Lynne Paige Walker, Pharm.D.
Prentice Hall Press, 1999
Paperback; list price $15.00

Prentice Hall, 1998
Hardcover; list price $34.00; out of print


Secretos De LA Farmacia Natural
co-authored with Lynne Paige Walker, Pharm.D.
Prentice Hall, 2001
Hardcover (in Spanish), list price $30.00
Also available in paperback


A Woman’s Complete Guide to Natural Health
co-authored with Lynne Paige Walker, Pharm.D.
Avery, 2003
Paperback; list price $19.95


Menopause and Estrogen:
Natural Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy
co-authored with Lynne Paige Walker, Pharm.D.
North Atlantic Books, 1996
Paperback; list price $14.95


Breezing Through the Change:
Managing Menopause Naturally
co-authored with Lynne Paige Walker, Pharm.D.
North Atlantic Books, 1994


The Informed Consumer’s Pharmacy
The Essential Guide to Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs
co-authored with Lynne Paige Walker, Pharm.D.
Carroll & Graf, 1990 (out of print)


With the Grain
by Ellen Hodgson Brown
Carroll & Graf, 1990


13 Responses

  1. I want to order some E-books, is Natures Pharmacy available as an E-book?

  2. […] In our 12th episode Kate Valentine and Fahrusha interview Ellen Hodgson Brown an American author, political candidate, attorney, public speaker, and advocate of alternative medicine and financial reform, most prominently public banking. As synchronicity would have it, we discuss her 12th book, Web of Debt. […]

  3. […] Fix”; the Canadian journal COMER; the American Monetary Institute; lawyer Ellen Brown’s “The Web of Debt” and “The Public Bank Solution”). Prins’ research in Collusion offers all the […]

  4. I am reading Web of Debt and learning a lot. But I have this question;
    Someone wants to buy a house, so they need a loan. The bank says, O.K., here’s the “money”. The home buyer pays the original owner with the “money”. I gather that the banking system recognizes that a fiat transaction from a bank, then, is real money.

    Then the new home buyer pays back the principal & Interest over 30 years, to the bank. The bank keeps all this? They now have all this money as their own?

    Daniel Silver

    • Hi Daniel, when the bank makes a loan, it just writes the sum as an advance in the borrower’s account. When the loan is paid off, the balance in the account goes back to zero, but the bank keeps the interest. The bank does have to balance its own books though. If the borrower writes a check on his account that goes into another bank, the first bank has to come up with the “reserves” to cover the check. But if the bank doesn’t have the reserves, it can borrow them cheaply at bankers’ rates from another bank or the Federal Home Loan Banks or the money market. It’s a good deal for the bank but not without costs and risks.

  5. Ellen I saw you in Kim’s video and you made a short comment on China’s Central Bank, very interesting. Have you written something about China’s Central Bank and Financial system? If not can you recommend a book o material about this subject? I read your “Web of Debt.” very informative book. I use to follow you but then you went into an election and I lost track of you. Thank you and good luck.
    John Lockett

  6. Hi Ellen, when you have a moment, I’d like to discuss a documentary series with you based on Web of Debt and The Public Bank Solution. Also, what is the current situation with Public Bank of LA? Thanks.

  7. […] think it can happen in Europe or the United States, then read the blog from March 2013 by author Ellen Brown titled, “It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK […]

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