Bail-ins (the Big Disaster Coming), GMO Foods, Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Ellen Brown, founder of, thinks so-called ‘bail-ins’ are coming. Depositors’ money will be legally taken. Brown says, “That’s the big disaster that’s coming. Probably one of these big derivative banks will go bankrupt . . . the derivative players will get first dibs. They’ll grab all the deposits, and there won’t be anything left.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with author and journalist Ellen Brown.

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  1. Ellen, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the G20 ruling that our bank deposits are no longer money and can be bailed in – to bail out the banks holding our deposits!


  2. B of A holds my 40% of asset mortgage. I think I should refinance immediately with a local bank. If B of A goes bankrupt, would my house be at risk of bail-in, going to more-evil other creditors? Should we, can we, talk about mortgages at risk, and how intelligent actions might help or hurt others? How do we best respond against prospective bail-in, collectively?

  3. Ellen, where can we put our personal savings? Which banks or credit unions have no derivatives exposure or how can we find out? Or, should we put our cash into us govt only money market funds? We are 60 and 64 years of age and very scared of losing the little bit we have. Thank you….

  4. MS Brown, I’d love to know if checking accounts in U.S. credit unions would be safe from “bail ins”.

    • Frank, that is on many peoples’ minds. My simple grasp of the laws is that the funds/deposits in my CU are actually stored in one of the mega banks -like the guppies in the minnow, on and on until they are all in the belly of the whale. consider that your check from your employer, GE, Ford, etc ,was a check on a NY bank. the actual dollars never made it to your bank until asked for by you the customer. it follows that your bank’s deposits wind up as unsecured credits in Wall St banks. I hope that is false.

  5. With the U.S. ready to nationalize all retirement accounts, don’t you believe that even the public banks will be raided as well?

  6. You are an amazing woman! Are you not afraid of being incarcerated for Domestic Terrorism? I moved to Mexico, I am just a junk man from Ga., I would love to hear you speak in person. I used to buy your books by the case, and give them away. You cain’t shit a man with a turd in each pocket!

  7. When are the few working people left, gonna figure out how bad they are being screwed? Why are the banks, Chase for example, paying people to move out of houses, they have made no payments on in 2 years, and have not lived in them either? I know people who have been paid $18,000 to sign it over to the bank! It has to be because of the MBS fiasco, where they bundled the bad with the good, and rated them AAA. You can’t take one mortgage out of a bundle, Correct? I also know a girl in Fla. Who has not made payments, and the bank just gave it to her? The working people who pay their house payments are getting the short end of the stick. I would renounce my U.S. Citizenship, but it cost $2000.00!

    • That doesn’t stop u from moving ! We will see how long it takes u to see how much more messed up the world is than the USA 🇺🇸

      I never bet against America

  8. Mexico said no to Monsanto, as did Russia. I think Monsanto is for Population control.

  9. The possibility of Bail-Ins is truly an indication of a corrupt system. Question= Are Credit Unions also subject to Bail-Ins? Are Credit Unions under the control of the Fed? Did (or Are) Credit Unions in the “Casino” of Derivatives?

    I’m just hoping that your answers will show that a safer place exists for holding money than Banks.

  10. Will Federal Credit Unions survive? If, banks have no money..will federal credit union members be told the same..we have no money when this crash finally arrives. I, can’t find definitive answers for banks vs. credit unions in currency crisis. Where to park money safely in this U.S.A.?

  11. Ellen, I constantly watch the ratings of the Weiss Watchdog. I keep my money in the smaller banks that have Weiss ratings of A- to B+ in my town. My concern is that if the derivatives go bust and are charged back to the banks and the banks in turn “bail in” to our personal accounts, if there is not enough money in our personal accounts to cover their losses, will the government be able to attach the capital and deposits of the smaller banks that do not participate in the derivative trap? If so, then we are still doomed…if we leave our money in the banks. Ellen what else do you recommend?

  12. funny..i went to the bank(b of a & chase) to talk about bail ins! they had no idea what i was talking about! what i have been told b a good source (NOT a bank) is that the insured $250 on ea acct. is safe from bail ins. today is 7/24/17

    • patricia, I have a letter from Mitch McConnell, my senator, that says the derivatives pertaining to commodities -about 5-10% of the total derivatives debts- will by law receive first dibs on FDIC, before any deposits are bailed out. but 5% of 200+ trillion is far more than FDIC has retained. the unspoken msg is that FDIC exists, but will have no funds to bail out our deposits. -joe
      -I too get the same bewildered reaction from my 3 banks’ managers, claiming they know NOTHING about what I ask.

      • I wouldn’t waste my time talking to bank employees or trust banks with holding more than just a functional minimum of my money.

  13. Ultimately what is the safe haven to save our money, and to get it as soon as we require if not the banks.

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