Iran wants yen, not dollars

Iran Wants Yen from Japan not the U.S. $ for Oil  

At the heart of the global monetary system lies the use of the U.S.$ as the currency used to pay for the globe’s oil. Any change in that role has a disproportionate impact on the importance of the $ as well as its value relative to the globe’s other currencies. . . . So when we heard that Iran asked the Japanese refiners to switch to the Yen to pay for all crude oil purchases, after Iran’s central bank said it is reducing its holdings of the U.S.$, we realized that this is an undermining blow to the $ and will also contribute to the current fall of the $ in exchange rate values, despite any short-term rally. . . .


Iran Asks Japan to Pay Yen for Oil (7-13-07)

“Iran isn’t alone in wanting to drop the dollar for pricing oil. Russia has been examining plans to price the Urals oil export blend in rubles to curb currency risks . . . .”

2 Responses

  1. The condition of the dollar now is mainly due to the current freak show.
    The rest of the world is worse. That is why the freak show is happening here.

    Without the waste and crimes of the neocons the US would be too powerful. The neocons are doing what they are supposed to.. weakening the US.

    The Euro is a joke. The yen is a joke. They only appear good now because
    of the nightmare administration we currently have.

    The real problem is demographics. Japan is dying. Europe is dying. The US is the only place that can absorb enough immigrants to offset the demographic bomb.

    Nothing is going to collapse. They will open the oil spigots and raise interest rates and start a new phase of the freakshow.

    They have done what they wanted.. legitimized the joke euro and weakened the US.


  2. The Bush administration is nothing but Draconia devils from the Dracos constellation and the American people don’t even see them.

    The Alpha Draconians want 70% of the population killed and 30% kept as their slaves.

    Whey do you think the country is going down they way that it’s going.

    Everything you see is not what it appears to be.

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