Smoke and mirrors: concealing economic collapse with the shock of war?

“Soup Kitchen USA” by Mike Whitney, September 11, 2007 

“It’s all smoke and mirrors. The financial system has decoupled from the productive elements of the economy and is now beginning to show disturbing signs of instability. That’s why the big blow-off in the bond market. The halcyon days of supplying our armies, funding our markets and building our subprime ‘ownership society’ empire on the backs of foreign creditors is over. The stock market is headed for the landfill and housing is leading the way. Economic fundamentals can only be ignored for so long . . . .”

At the end of this article,Whitney discusses one from the UK Telegraph (9-9-07) titled “Banks Face 10-day Debt Time Bomb”:

To which one blogger ominously observes:
In the article above, it notes that
UK banks are in serious trouble of having to cough up a boatload of cash between 9/11 and 9/19. 9/14 lies smack in the middle of this. Could another false flag attack be used as some type of distraction? Most of the SEC evidence against World Com, Enron and others was lost in the WTC complex on 9/11/01. Is there a target in America that will serve the same purpose this time around? It seems the global financial system is in the process of imploding. We need to quickly identify how an attack might thwart it, or maybe make it look like it was the attack rather than bad monetary and fiscal policy that caused the economy to tank world wide. Would this just be an attack, an ‘accident’ or the sum of all fears – an errant nuke detonation used to justify a limited and orchestrated nuclear exchange between West and East? If the global monetary system is about to result in open worldwide revolution, and you were responsible, wouldn’t you try to make it look like something else was the cause? (and take out a few of the ‘masses’ in the process?) Remember, most military action in any nation is the direct result of flawed domestic policy or weak leaders, most notably relating to the economy. Now imagine that on a world wide scale.

See also “The Shock Doctrine,” a must-see film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein, demonstrating how “free market” economists pioneered the concept of “shock” to push through whatever draconion economic policies they desired on unsuspecting populations recovering from major disasters:

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