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November 9, 2007

Update – more economic sanctions on Iran –,,2208176,00.html

November 5, 2007

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  1. Dear Ms Brown:

    Thank you more than I can say. I’m am almost finished with Web of Debt, it is terrific. I will recommend it to everyone I meet or know. And I intend to put a sign it my car with your website and the book title as well, if you don’t mind that is.
    I was born in the depression, lived through five wars and god knows how many incursion in other nations, and now am having to live through the mess my country is in now. I simply cannot stand any more, and will do everything I can to bring these people to a halt.
    Have you read HR 1955 that was passesed Oct 26? I just found out about that on top of everything else.
    My dinning room is now a research center – in my own small way I am trying to track and record, but I don’t mind admitting it is a huge task.
    I am creating a file on each individual, congress, the agencies, the very wealthy ect. but am having a time trying to find out the men in the banking world, and I want their history as well as their pictures. One needs to know who and what one is dealing with, which would be impossible for me without the net.
    Not being a computer whiz or the brightest human in the pack I struggle, which is of no great moment.
    Thanks again, I will purchase your other books as I can.
    And all the luck in the world to you.
    Pauline Warren
    Rosewood Cottage
    2638 N 700 E
    North Ogden Utah 84414

  2. Thanks Pauline! I did hear about HR 1955, pretty alarming. Here’s a good article on it by Devvy Kidd:
    I wonder what effect a class action stopping the wave of foreclosures would have. (See my blog entry of yesterday.) We can actually do all this legally I think, if we can just get a few honest judges and a lot of exposure and understanding of the issues. Best, Ellen

  3. Ellen,
    Your article on Iran is breathtaking! I am originally from Cuba and for many years now trying to figure out the economics behind the continued embargo when it obviously has failed in its objective to bring “democracy” to my suffered island. But, why was the Revolution anathema from the very start…when it seems that Fidel had received support while in the mountains…his turn to communism was more a measure of survival than of personal ideology.
    Your book and others seem to shed light on this.
    However, a more pertinent question is, do you have any speaking engagements in the Northeast. Why not create a series of workshops to train monetary change activists! It seems to me that we need to know how to go out into the public arena and argue reasonably for government issued money and be able to stand up to the usual charges that the bankers will launch against us. The effort in Minnesota should be duplicated in every state.
    We need to educate our representatives in local, state, and federal government. Your book, seems to me, calls for a grassroots movement and we need training. Reading your book is of course option one. Option two, a series of DVD’s that can be shared, remember there is a whole group of people out there that basically don’t read, but they watch tv. I do video production and if you come out this way, I would certainly volunteer to record and put the material on DVD format.
    Anyway, thank you for clearing our minds on this matter. I do look forward to some day listening to you speak in person. The occasion is rare when one gets the opportunity to listen to someone who’s actually speaking the truth behind present world affairs.
    Luis A. Bosch
    Holyoke, MA

  4. Thanks Luis! I’m not currently scheduled to go to Massachusetts, but I am going to be on a panel in southern Virginia in May. I’ve been brainstorming different ways to leaven the loaf . . . My best suit is writing, and that’s what I do continually; but visuals do reach more people. I’ll work on that and will definitely save your address! Best, Ellen

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