View from the Titanic — in the news the week of 1-21-08

Chalmers Johnson, “How To Sink America”


Bill Engdahl, “The Financial Tsunami Part III: Greenspan’s Grand Design”


“Housing prices to free fall in 2008”


“A tipping point? ‘Foreclose me … I’ll save money’”


George Soros, “The worst market crisis in 60 years”


Rick Ackerman, “PPT emerges from the shadows”

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the links, Ellen.

    Okay. So the ‘Secret Masters of Finance’ are dead set on perpetuating the myth that the global securities markets actually function as advertised, and their ad hoc Plunge Protection Teams are willing to float any scheme to prop up the markets if events seem likely to expose the wizards’ hands.

    At first, this might have been considered an unlikely occurrence, but as the tallysheet bankers’ global monetary system grows ever more fragile, their intervention would become more frequent, until they end up actually being the markets they served to protect, and are unable to stop interfering lest they destroy the very financial ground they’re standing on. At this stage, it looks like the banking cartel is offering the fantasy that national governments have any independent existence any more, because the mythos holds that commerce operates within the context of nation-states. But as Paddy Chayefsky suggested in “Network”, such entities are obsolete. Perhaps it would be useful to look for the ways in which the cartel has been propping up national governments as well.

    The current political theater of a presidential contest has got to be the biggest act of misdirection since the special-effects show that was played out in September 2001. Arranging to pit a black man against a woman for the Democratic nomination, with corporate-controlled media calling the shots, rigged primaries, and excluded candidates such as Dennis Kucinich, is enough to distract the sheeple from noticing just about anything.

    There’s a major cyber-wargame scheduled for March. I suspect it will be used to cover some real events that they cannot afford for people to notice. So keep an eye on the news… the real news, not just what the cabal want you to know about.

  2. Great insights! I love this lifting the corners of each other’s curtains and letting light in.

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