Are you ready for economic collapse? Americans are less prepared than the Soviets were

The train has already derailed, but our media are barely reporting it.  Dmitry Orlov lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union during the cold war.  In his book “Reinventing Collapse” he compares the preparedness of the Soviets prior to the cold war to the preparedness of Americans today.   
Below is a link to an excellent review of his book.  A little knowledge and prep now will be priceless later . . . .

Here are some interesting responses I got when I forwarded this by email:

Tore Dahlin wrote: 

It is interesting that Orlov discussed this matter a year-and-a-half ago, as though he had a crystal ball into 2008.

I believe that all of our economic problems boil down to nothing but problems with macro organization and management. From a strictly technical point of view, all of our present problems are easily solved. The question only becomes, how do we get the needed consensus to enact the simple, but sweeping, solutions to almost instantly turn things around? It is like we are all sitting together in an old wreck of a car that is sputtering along and about to blow, when we could all just get out and get into a sleek new model. I guess as a society we get too attached to the old jalopy and think it’s the greatest thing to be driving even as we see the oil leaking out and the steam escaping the radiator. (Well, enough of that metaphor).

Patrick Hedemark wrote:

Thank you – both for this analsysis and again for the “antidote” to it – your book “Web of Debt”. 

What I find so amazing now for me – after studying all of this for so long now is the fact that even the “predictions” of dire consequences by so many “experts” amount to a back handed acceptance of the “system” as reality – when in fact – it is really illusion. 

The “notional value” ascribed to our money itself – as well as its by- products – the stock exchange and its myriad of “ponzi programs” as well as the housing and mortgage “industries” – are alll supported with the original “presumption”; that pretense is the equal of reality. 

“Collapse” is tantamount to “disillusionment”. To be in illusion is unwanted, yet most people associate the term “disillusioned” with an uncomfortable and/or unwanted condition. Like the spouse that would rather suffer uncertainty as to the fidelity of their “other” rather than knowing he or she is in fact a scamp and that the only genuine solution to their ignorant condition is to know the truth, leave the bum and find “the real McCoy”. 

Collapse is both inevitable and desirable.  The destruction of all fictitious notional value is the very best thing that could happen to us all.  Real Money – for Real Labor and Real resources – created by WE THE PEOPLE (THE GOVERNMENT) and delivered – IN SPITE OF THE SCREAMS OF THE PARASITES – will be the ACTUAL FULFILLMENT OF THE AMERCAN REVOLUTION!!


5 Responses

  1. This seems like a fair statement; that the collapse is one that would serve to shatter the prevailing illusionment, thus making it an event of disillusionment. What should immediately rise as a concern is the institution of a ‘new illusionment’ to replace the old and outmoded one. With a more overt fascism hovering in the wings, and a corporate controlled media dedicated to executing its PR agenda, the concern is one of there being more momentum towards a new illusionment than to establishing and maintaining a grassroots disillusionment that many may never grasp. However, change is always easier made on a blank canvas, and one only hopes that as gardens spring up in place of lawns as Ellen has written. Given Dmitry Orlov’s observation of potential choas in an American collapse to outdo its Russian counterpart – with an unprepared and unpragmatic suburban refugee population – and the probable response of power, denying a new illusionment will not come without its challenges.

  2. Yes, that’s the problem. We might have the most hope of a peaceful handing over of the keys to the kingdom BEFORE it all collapses, when we’re just looking into the abyss and getting concerned. I think we could do it by legal means; the law is actually on our side, if we could just
    get organized and push it with some mass collective force.

  3. First thing: great book, Ellen. I’m still absorbing it all, and I need to research more before I can have educated input for a detailed solution. I certainly would not like to see economic collapse before a transformation occurs. The trick for a successful movement is to find a charismatic leader coupled with an educated base who all believe in public fiat money. Your book is so well written, and makes so much sense, that it would just be a matter of grassroots viral marketing via the internet to get the word out about your book. It certainly needs to be on the “Best seller” list, but I imagine that you will meet a lot of resistance along the way. I will definitely do my best to get the word out.

  4. Thanks Wes! I do have a sense of percolating up from the bottom so we don’t meet so much resistance. Then we’ll burst on the scene like springtime. That’s what “grassroots” means, right? I have some ideas for a movement with clout . . .

  5. Great post his information is very accurate. That’s a must read. I wonder if he’s having that deja vu feeling..


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