Mysterious Prison Buses in the Desert

Prison buses are driving around empty in the Tucson area.  Are Wackenhut and the DHS preparing for civil unrest?

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  1. Is there someone who could get pictures to share with the unsuspecting public? Could you locate it on google maps maybe…then share with us? Thanks for sharing your find.

  2. Speaking of civil unrest and frustration with our Federal Government:

    The legislature of NH is proposing HCR 6 which puts the federal government on notice concerning the implementation of Federal Powers over the states and specifically addresses Martial Law and the Right to bear arms, as well as servitude.



    (Full text of HCR 6 from the NH state website)

  3. Dan:

    Interesting reading — and a serious topic. An individual state acting to preserve it’s statehood, rather than becoming a branch of the federal government. I hope all the other states follow suit!

  4. There’s actually a handful of states following suit. I found this post over at

    Looks like WA, MO, MT, AZ, CA, and OK all have similar resolution under consideration. CA actually passed theirs in 1994.


  5. What would happen if Intel were to disappear? Are they “too big to fail” ?

    In my personal experience large corporations are in constantly involved in the process of securing “intellectual property” by any means. In most cases the “intellectual property” is manifest in a US patent. They routinely patent prior art and trivia and use their $$ to win those cases. I have extensive experience in patent cases and the big lie underlying the patent business. There is a “Wizard of Oz” phenomenon there as well.

    Corporations in America pay their execs about 400 times the average salary. This certainly encourages these already fat heads to become delusional and sociopathic.

    A publicly monitored and strict approach is needed to constrain these massive “too large to fail” organizations.
    No monitoring (free market) or ineffective government produce a similar result. Large companies get larger and small companies fail or are consumed. Why is that good for America ?

  6. I’m not an economist but,
    Free Market my ***. Why should a handfull of people (compared to the developed population) have control over Earth’s oil supply? The same oil, using the same pumps, drills, ships, refineries…et., that was sold for $4-$5 a gallon last year, is now being refined into gasoline here in the US and being sold for 1.79 a gallon.

    Why should people be allowed to skim profits off the price that ultimately ends up at the pump? We saw how the free market worked last summer! Wasn’t that so wonderful to see the free market at work in everyone’s pocket?

    I just loved being screwed over by the free market while investors continued to profit from my wallet!

    If we continue to preach free market what will stop things like this from ruining our economy. If you want to screw an economy over, raise the prices of gasoline and diesel so high that it runs people out of jobs, slows growth, and basically puts us in the situation that we are in now.

    I believe that oil, which is so important to our world, should be owned by the world people. Create a non profit organization to run the world oil production. Just pay people a wage to work the rigs, load the ships, pilot the ships, unload the oil and work at the refinery, and drive the gasoline truck to the stations.

    Set the price as needed for new equipment, research and development…et.

    Keep the price as low as needed to keep the machine running smoothly. No more investor price spikes that profit a few and screw the whole!

  7. Hey Pops,

    I feel your frustration with gas and oil prices. The reality is that our economy runs on energy. No amount of money will help it function if the necessary energy inputs are not there.

    I’d encourage you to research the topic of “Peak Oil.” A good place to start might be

    The majority of people have the impression that the high gas and oil prices were manufactured by greedy people and companies. After researching Peak Oil, I think something more pressing is impacting our global society.

    Another great resource I can recommend to everyone here, is Chris Martenson’s Crash Course. It’s a series of videos that are in “chapter form.” Each video builds on the previous one until a more complete picture of the worlds economic, monetary, energy, and future situations are reached. For the Crash Course, visit:


  8. Thanks Dan,
    I’ll look at that when I can.
    As I watched the various TV outlets last year, CNBC, CNN,, they were talking about how we are running out of oil, we can’t keep up with the Then they said that investors were driving the prices sky high. Then they started to say that the demand has dropped way off and now the price is way down to $40 a barrel.

    I’m sorry Dan but someone is steering the ship here! Too much study has shown the power of the media’s.

    Last summer when the price of gas and deisel were high we told our trash company to come every other week. That cut his gas in half instantly. They could have done that on their whole route.

    I just believe that we need some companies that art not free market to control the steering wheel so to speak. To keep things steady in the extremely important areas that move the wheels of the country.

    Truck drivers lost their businesses because they could not afford the investor spiked prices of deisel and gasoline.

    Take Care,

  9. Pops,

    I certainly can’t make you believe what I believe. I’ve spent the past 4 years doing little else than researching the various problems that the world is facing.

    With regards to oil prices…

    When demand shot up and the world couldn’t get the oil out of the ground at a fast enough rate, prices rose. They rose so fast that it put many families and businesses into financial hardship. As a result layoffs, cutbacks, foreclosures, etc. All of these results brought with it demand destruction for energy. Since the energy demand was lower, prices dropped because now there was “too much” energy on the market and not enough buyers. That’s why OPEC is making all those production cuts. Cut production and prices will eventually rise.

    Another mis-conception about “peak oil” is that people equate it with “running out of oil.” There’s still plenty of oil left in the ground, it’s just we can’t get it out fast enough to satisfy the demand. There’s a bottleneck between the reservoir and the oil drum. Secondly, the oil that remains is lower quality, deeper and harder to extract. In simple terms, it takes more energy today to pump a barrel of oil than it did 100 years ago. This means that there is less NET ENERGY available when you’ve pumped your barrel of oil.

    The Crash Course link I posted above will really give you a basic set of facts that you can use to make your own decisions. It’s long, about 3 hours, but it was well worth my to watch it. I hope it helps you understand our world more clearly.

    The Main Stream Media is not a place I trust any more. They are bought and paid for by the powers that be and their main function is to steer public opinion rather than to report an accurate picture of the situation.


  10. Dan,

    Well Dan I’ve watched through chapter 16 overnight and again I want to thank you for the link to this crashcourse. I’ve sent this link to my kids and friends. This is very good!

    Thanks again, Pops

  11. Are the supply-demand curves so steep in this world that a 3%-5% change in demand can cause prices to vary by 50%-100%?

  12. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m fairly naive in such matters, but is it possible that these buses are being used to transport huge numbers of illegals across the border so as to create a vast NEW pool of debtors which will help to prop up our economy for a little while longer? A new level to this already bloated Ponzi pyramid?

    Just a thought,

  13. Pops,

    I’m glad that you’re finding the “Crash Course” worthwhile.


    I posed your question over at and was referred to this article/write-up that was written by one of their contributors.


  14. Hello all,

    Here’s another write up from about volatility in the oil market. It’s are really coherent explanation that most people should be able to understand.


  15. I’ve just started posting on this site. I don’t know if these posts will get through. However – Dan is the only guy that makes consistent sense, and I’m sorry that that Christine chick signed off. She was right. This IS supposed to be about the FEMA camps.

    The deranged Usurper “Government” are gonna use the camps to “contain” any “dissenters”. Isn’t rather obvious? They were called “Gulags” under the Soviet system.

  16. If this gets to Ellen Brown, I can answer her question about the Wackenhut buses in Tucson. I have a huge file on this debacle.
    Harry Peck

  17. Obvious answer is: This must be the new location of the new “government relocation center.” The orginal one was located at the Greenbriar in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., but this one was outed by the N.Y. Times after the collapse of the old Soviet Union. I remember reading that they were constructing a new one at some secret location. Now we know where it is.

  18. I agree wholeheartedly with you Dan, unfortunately. 😦

    You are brilliant.

    (The website I posted is not mine, but my bf’s. However, he and I agree on 99% of anything and everything, so it basically explains my views as well.)

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