The government seems to be speaking out of both sides of its mouth, as the President preaches one thing and the FDA does another. If we are going to have “smarter medicine that really works,” we need to get politics, lobbies and cronyism out of science.

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  1. Is there some means of appealing an FDA decision at the agency level? I can’t imagine what would be an answer to the sheep and monkey evidence. It seems the ADA argument rests on the ‘amalgam is stable’ theory which the evidence refutes.

    It seems that a lawsuit should prevail on summary judgment since there appears to be no defense.

  2. I listened to a radio program recently that featured Janine Roberts and she described the other components in the measles and polio vaccines, aside from thimerosol. If I understood her correctly, the basis of these vaccines include the feces from children!?, cancerous monkey cells, Epstein Barr virus, pathogens from saliva, which is then irradiated and partially digested with enzymes, fermented and injected into chicken eggs…and this is the substrate on which the basic vaccine is produced. It’s no wonder the immune system reacts to this sewage, and this is what we are injecting into our kids. I’ve never heard about this before and I think it’s horrific…this sounds more like madness than science.

    Ms. Roberts also stated that there is now some key research showing that aluminium currently being added to vaccines greatly enhances the detrimental effects of mercury since they both cross the blood/brain barrier and cause brain damage. The aluminium crystals are needle-like structures which severely damage the macrophages as they attempt to remove them. French scientists have observed that there is a direct link between aluminium in vaccines, CFS, severe muscle strain, and polio-like paralysis.

    Catherine Austin Fitts believes that one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation:

  3. Article: “If we are going to have “smarter medicine” that realy keeps people well, we need to get politics out of medicine. We need a government agency that explores and funds …..”

    This is an illogical statement. Government IS politics by definition no matter how it is structured. That is its nature. The only way to get politics out of medicine is to get the government out of medicine. But that is not what you are advocating here.

    When you have one central authority that is legally allowed to expropriate wealth, how is it going to distribute that wealth? You’ve taken out the free market profit incentive so you’re left with only the political incentive, which basically amounts to unearned profits for those special interest groups that are most powerful and are most likely to contribute to the politician.

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