Max Keiser interview

Max Keiser interviewed me, posted yesterday. If you feel like making a comment, it’s here (with video). If you want to hear more audio interviews, they’re posted here.

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  1. A good interview. Pointed. There is a conspiracy within the financial elite to create a private global central bank with a global currency. The large Wall St banks ( or “bank holding companies”) are a party to this emerging elite consensus. Max Keiser frames the issue with the concept of a financial mafia. Ellen describes the modus operandi of the financial mafia take-down of Lehman Brothers as naked short selling. (But the 40-1 leverage Lehman was experiencing was a good reason to short Lehman, so we shouldn’t at the same time give the impression Lehman was an innocent victim.)

    Keiser contrasts Ellen’s state bank proposal with the private central bank, global central bank idea, and we can see the deep populist significance of the state bank.model. The sub text is a threat to national sovereignty as the money power moves further away from the people on Main St it is supposed to serve. When the national financial cabal that currently controls our financial destiny assumes an international role, we remain a sovereign nation in name only.

    Ellen’s state bank proposal is the best means we have to return the money power in the people and counter threats to our sovereign status at the same time..

  2. Hello Max
    Its ok to set up a State bank model, but isnt this fiat currency a world wide problem? Isnt this a commerce system using (UCC) Universal commercial code or admiralty Law of the seas, as opposed to Common Law system or law of the land.

    . It isnt just enslaving people and countries around the world with debt but also to control them with laws called legal statutes and act of parlement ect. In which the bankers own every individual via his STRAWMAN status or DEBITORr trust. The government is in debt to the bankers and we the people are debitor slaves operating in commerce. It was the government who made fractional reserve system LEGAL.

    Your comments please


    I have not heard this aspect mentioned in your coverage about

    • Hi, I’ve never seen any convincing evidence on that. If you want to forward some legal citations, I’ll have a look. Ellen

      • Ellen, what would make a citation legal when we must doubt the authority of ‘sovereign’ jurisdictions?
        During the Enron trial, I was the last man on he stand to tell the judge he could not have global crime judged by a local jury. Does his conviction of Jeff Skilling make him a criminal as well, because I was stopped by the bailiff from explaining the global context?
        I think so. Have a look:

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