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The Daily Bell is continuing their dialog, if anyone wants to jump in and comment on their site.

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  1. I am so happy to be called a Brownian, may the proud stand forward and up!!

    • Thanks Kristen! What I love about the Daily Bell is that we’re dailoguing with the other side in a friendly way. They always disagree, but they’re so polite! It makes it fun to play.

  2. I haven’t read your book yet. Sorry. It is on my things to do list. For one thing I have never bought anything on the internet. I have a fear that I will be ripped off. I will buy a book one of these days as I am a fan of yours. I look forward to becoming a Brownian.
    I became aware of Ellen Brown at where she is a regular contributing author.
    Now, as a person who is clearly feeling the normal intimidation of these bankers arrogance who seem to have the opinion that we, the people, are too ignorant to contribute to such a debate, I will take a stab at it. I feel you have educated me to the point that I can share my simple observation.
    I feel that I am a member of this a huge cooperation. The cooperation is the United States. That is I am a citizen of the USA and as citizen and tax payer I own a share. The double standard that the Les Miserable independent spokes person displays, it seems to me, is that as a share holder of these assets, which are mutually own by all the citizens, why can’t we have our own bank backed by those assets which can print money to do what ever we want as he says only the private banks should be able to do? These Austrians in question, who must be governed by some wealthy private interest as the ruling class, don’t seem to think that the average worker or middle class citizens, who are basically only protected by their government, should enjoy the same privileges these elite bankers do, which is that there is power in our numbers and especially our assets.
    If the citizens were educated, and that is the main problem, on this matter I’m sure they would rather own the power to print their own green backs rather than allow these elite bankers the privilege. So what if it is called our government. The government is all we, who haven’t accumulated huge fortunes, have to protect us from and compete with these banker monopolies. What’s the difference in our shares of our government banking system and the private shares held by wealthy aristocrats from an 18th century banking monopoly system (pre-Independence)? He says it is unfair because they can’t compete with such large assets that we (our government) have.
    Now, why should we turn the control of our immense assets over to these private banksters? How many times must we fight them for our independence?

    • Thanks! I totally agree. We’re working on it in fact, in a number of states. We’ve set up a blog at, still a work in progress, and we may set up a PAC. I just did a flyer on it, which I’ll post here under “tools and talking points.” Best wishes, Ellen

      • Hello Ms Brown:
        I am filled with curiosity.
        What are all the goals of your PAC?
        When will you give us a list of your campaign promises?
        Are you, Ellen Brown, going to be the Brownian candidate?
        Is this a California only campaign? 3rd party?
        Do you think the Feds should be completely nationalized or simply regulated and stripped of the right to create money through Fractional Reserve Lending?
        What about the fact that the banks tagged as too big to fail are monopolies? Bust them up?
        Where do you stand on the Insurance monopoly which has been sanctioned by congress since the 1940’s and accepted just as the way things are by their consumers and especially approximately 50 million people who are either uninsured or under-insured?
        Since the Glass-Seagal Act was eliminated by Larry Summers & Phil Graham, among others in the Clinton era, what kind of regulation will you strive to replace it with?
        Do you consider the dangers of running against such powerful people as, I’m sure, there are obviously world class criminals and mab bosses involved who will be your adversaries, it seems?
        Is there a particular movement that you favor that is protesting the banks and Wall Street executives?
        All my questions have been about the banks or connected to money. What are your other ideals? Are you a progressive or conservative in nature?
        Finally, in this post at least, how do we know, as your constituents, that you will not betray us as it seems most of the present day politicians get elected simply to get on the wealthy aristocratic side through their lobbyists smorgasbord of favors, contributions & kickback gravy train?
        Hopefully this isn’t just a campaign to sell your book. You seem to be passionate about this fight. I hope you join hands with other out spoken activist against the banks and the reckless behavior of the Wall Street executives and root for single payer none profit Health care for all Americans!
        As a supporter, so far, I hope to see real change for a change.
        Good Luck

      • I forgot to mention in my post that Bill Moyers show last night(12/11/09) was about political movements for banking reform which are taking shape all across our country. I know you’re busy but I think it might be worth your attention. I’d like to see him interview you about your book and political ambitions.

  3. You guys might be interested in what we’re doing over at

    It’s very much a work in progress – the big problem I’m having personally is in learning how to commmunicate properly via writing.


    • Yes, excellent! That is the problem, explaining what’s really going on. But we’ve got a better shot at it now than ever before, because of the Internet.

      One comment on the top article there, although banks do create money out of thin air, they still have downside liability, since they have to balance their books. They can go bankrupt if they don’t get paid back, just because of legal accounting rules.

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