With risky behavior by big finance again threatening economic stability, how can we get things right this time?

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5 Responses

  1. how can we get things right this time?

  2. Lindsey Williams was recently interviewed on the Alex Jones Show claiming an elitist insider whose dying of cancer has been disclosing to him the government plans on nationalizing people’s mortgages. He said this was the banker’s deliberate plan to steal property from the American people.

  3. In Washington is not the will of the people. Is the will of Lobbies who control all in Washington, That is went and what.

  4. Bank customers have the power to modify bankers behavior and reform the industry, and they will exercise such power once again—once the politicians (with their central banker) stop the bail outs.

  5. Well said Carl V…massive awareness by the bank customers of the real problem will cause the politicians to think again.

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