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  1. Sweet.
    Now we just need to spread this far and wide.

  2. Go Ellen.

    Sorry I cannot be of much help at the moment, because of personal ‘stuff’ going on, but you have my full moral support and, maybe later, more than that.

  3. All I can do at the moment is promote Web of Debt in Facebook … which I have just done.

    I hope it goes ‘viral’.

    Kind regards, Gerry.

  4. I notice that Web of Debt is not in Facebook.

    Maybe you have a reason for this Ellen but, if not, give it a go and ‘friend’ me for starters.

    Same goes for anyone else reading this.

  5. Excellent video for people with little or no knowledge of how the banking systems work. Very clear and concise. Thanks to the producers.

  6. […] households earning more than $250,000 per year. IMHO, the 1000 gorilla laughing in the corner is North Dakota State owned banks would solve budget problems from Maine to Maui; however, Republicans AND […]

  7. Great ideas and forum,clear and precise,will spread the word!!!

  8. The problem is that most people think like Peter Shiff, and Peter Shiff doesn’t know what he is talking about. He needs to stop gabbing and listen until he understands what Ellen Brown is trying to tell him. He ignores the truth at his own peril. If we do what he is advocating we would come to a complete standstill, no money, no progress. You have to create more money to move forward. You cannot all spend the same dollars. It is allusionary to think that peoples’ savings are sufficient to keep the economy running. If someone loans you their savings, where do you get the money to pay it back plus interest. New money must be created out of thin air and when you borrow you must pay it back with your labor which validates your loan and makes it a part of the system. It takes new money to pay back savings through ones labor. There is not enough savings, nor enough gold to keep the economy going without new money being created. Where do they get money to pay a worker? More than that, where does one get the money to pay the interest? Not from someone else’s savings. The constitution allows us to coin money for this very reason.

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