How the Bailout Killed Local Lending — and How Some States Hope to Bring It Back

Wall Street banks have cut back on small business lending… [by] more than double the cutback in overall lending.… [Small business] options just keep disappearing.

 –Elizabeth Warren, Chair of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel

The Wall Street bailout of 2008 has radically altered the banking business. The bailout was supposed to keep credit flowing to Main Street, but it has wound up having the opposite effect. Small and medium-sized businesses have traditionally been the main engines for increasing employment, and they need bank credit for their working capital; but today credit to local businesses has collapsed nearly everywhere.

That’s why so many states—the total is now fourteen—are considering turning to state-owned banks to get local credit flowing again.

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  1. Oh Please study your financial history America.
    Andrew Jackson got it right. The US central bank must be owned by the people and for the people. The US has been done over by the FED. Who owns the fed? Not the people of America. It is a private bank, strictly against the constitution. Congress still has the power to print and issue money if they are prepared to kick the Fed out and start again. Debt is the control they have, but if you tell them to go stick it and start again. America, you see these banksters who are holding every American to ransom. Time to return to basics. The borrower is a servant to the lender. Never forget America has many enemies and they are not just Alcida or the muslim world. It is the enemy within and the “man of sin” If you let them they are going to screw you to the wall.
    Goodluck America

    • You might enjoy my webpage at If you do, please pass it on. It’s In English (upper left corner) as well as Spanish. From the subpage Secrets of the Banker

      “And that gave the private banker another window of opportunity. “Gee, war and conquest costs a lot. Governments have the riches of their nations in their power. They can charge taxes to collect any debt they incur. Why am I fiddling with private loans when governments have all of the population under their dominion?”

      In the monetary plan

      “The only thing that needs to back up your money is the law. Yes, the law, not some fractional reserve of some scarce and closely held commodity, the law. And, the law can emit enough money to provide banks with 100% reserve. And they can lend to states and remote localities so that they too can prosper. And also, by means of loans to these remote places, the government can decentralize it’s efforts and increase prosperity in remote areas. Then all the central government needs to do is check up on them to make sure that funds are being used for the intended purpose and make recommendations to improve their financial situation.

      If that sounds an awful lot like what the World Bank, FMI and a lot of other global organizations are now doing to us, for their loans to all the countries they deal with, it is because that is exactly the idea.”

      If they have trained us to think like debtors, slaves, and beggars, so that they could take our wealth, why can’t governments think like them and take back the prosperity that should have been ours in the first place?

  2. gd!
    researchers say u , S total debts c$200t two hundred tril,
    12 zero, gdp$14t/yr. West go’v’s borrow to pay int.
    cant pay prin.” b. gross says same.

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