Last week I spoke at four events that were televised or videotaped (and one conference that wasn’t).  Three of them were on the same day and are now up on youtube.  Bad hair day aside, I thought I’d post them here.  Speaking at Occupy Wall Street L.A. tomorrow.   


1.  Interview with Stan Emert, Rainmakers.Tv, Seattle, October 26, 2011 (10 youtube segments): 

2.  Fox News, “Should Students Receive a Bailout?”, October 26, 2011

3.  Presentation with Rep. Bob Hasegawa at Kane Hall, Univ of Washington, October 26, 2011

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  1. Hi Ellen,
    I just saw your powerpoint presentation on the history of banking, and the advantages of having a public bank. The history was so interesting, and you explained very well and clearly. I am hoping that Jerry Brown goes for it. I have called his office, and was thinking from their response (that he didn’t sign the proposal) that it was a bad omen. Now from what you are saying, there is still a possibility for him to sign a bill if it comes to his desk. That’s encouraging.
    I think your ideas about the monetary system and public could save this country. The problems we are having are so absurd and unnecessary. I wish we in Caifornia and every state could have a public bank. Thank you. I will be in touch.
    Fran Roman

  2. Hello Ellen,

    I am reading your book now and I am literally blown away by some information in it. I will have to read it over again just to make sure I got it!

    My response here may not exactly be relevant to your post, but many things that you mention in your book regarding the IMF, foreign capital investments, asset takeover, $-reservers and so forth are the same exact things that are happening now in PIIGS countries.

    What are your thoughts on this? I mean, it is no longer happening with “poor” third world countries. We are talking about developed Western nations that are now on the verge of falling into hands of globalists.

    Berlusconi announced yesterday that he will not borrow any money from the IMF, even though IMFs Christine Lagarde encouraged Italy to borrow €50Bn.



  3. Hi Ellen,

    Some interesting commentary on MMT was just put forward by a blogger named “FOFOA?” Do you know of this – ?

    I have a few thoughts after a quick scan, but I suspect yours would be of more import and depth. Best, lookma

    • FOFOA and that crowd see hyperinflation under every tree and seem to consider GOLD the only form of legit money. I wouldn’t take what they say too seriously since they are so wrong on so many points.

      If you want a better understanding of MMT go to the sources

      MMT is counterintuitive to everything we have been taught, but once you have wrapped your head around it, the world makes so much more sense. Ellen’s book takes you about half way there but I think she needs to read some MMT to further refine her understanding of the current US monetary system. Namely her understanding of the FED.

      Bill Mitchell’s Blog is probably the best for learning all the ins and outs. Plus he has a pop quiz every Saturday with answers on Sunday that really helps understand things.

      The punters at FOFOA can throw stones all they want but MMT has the only theory that has fully explained everything that is currently happening economically with empirical evidence. They are the only ones who describe the actual way the FED and central banks really work and take that into account. They accurately predicted the Euro crisis and show the mechanism of how it is happening because of the differences between Currency Issuers and Currency Users. FOFOA calls them arrogant, I would call them right.

      I urge Ellen to take a look at MMT since it dovetails nicely with Web of Debt. In fact it really describes the “American System” she advocates for but shows that the “Government Debt” that she rails against is at most a subsidy for Private Banks, but is pretty much a mirage.

      • Thanks for the MMT links. I wouldn’t underestimate Ellen Brown. She’s pretty familiar with MMT and frequently refers to it in her articles. She doesn’t rail against the debt, but only debt-based money. She calls the debt part of “the yin and yang of money”, and says that it IS the money supply under the current system — not to be worried about or used as an excuse for austerity. The bad things are that interest is charged and that it is privately issued. I like the way Ernest Huber said it in a previous post here, ” (Continue to) pay the banksters and self-destruct, or issue and regulate our own money supply and prosper.”

  4. Hello Ellen,

    Appreciating your effort!

    What are other options for banking?



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