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  1. i’m suprized ellen recommended mont pelerin society influenced g .e. griffins book, since it gets the history of debt free fiat wrong and advocates usurious commodity backed money. Eustace mullins Secrets of the Federal reseve and Bill still’s documentaris and book “no more national debt” are accurate accounts that i always recommed to people — along with ellen brown’s own Web of Debt.

    Otherwise great to have two of my favorite experts in an insightful dialogue.

    • Usurious commodity backed money ? How wrong can you be ? That is the ONLY money worth something….like a house; youknow, the ones that are vacant right now…and you could end up with owning if you surrendered your GNP fiat for them ? Got a problem with that ? You must be a ….banker; any other good explanation welcomed Gold simply won’t make it and pure fiat may have helped Ben establish the country, but is responsible for ALL our economic problems today…. or did you sleep through that too ?

    • Yes I don’t agree with the conclusions in “Creature from Jekyll Island” either, but I did learn a lot from it in the formative phase of my education on this subject, and it was Griffin’s book “World Without Cancer” that motivated me to jump from drug research to banking research. I don’t remember exactly how the interview went now, but he didn’t ask me if I agreed with the solutions in “Creature from Jekyll Island.” I would have gone into that if he had, but it was off topic as I recall.

  2. I really liked this video, but experienced some “interference” while trying to view it. Is there a written transcript of it somewhere?

  3. Hi Ellen. Thank you for the Dr. Mercola video and transcript. It is fascinating.
    It has been clear to me for years that something very rotten lies behind Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex. I think your onion metaphor is really powerful. As you said, analyzing what is before us is like peeling away layers of an onion. To me, the layers often appear corrupt and rotten with parasites that seem to be draining the life out of it. In the Dr. Mercola video, a new layer of corruption is peeled away – and this layer is the Medical World and what is behind it and enables it -the banksters.
    I believe that everything you discussed in your interview is true. I have personal experience in observing this, as I have family members who are doctors and nurses, and I have known many medical students who have spoken to me at length of the process they go through in becoming doctors. I’m talking about the nitty gritty things that people don’t usually hear about.
    I am sure that many doctors began with the highest of intentions, but they seem to have become hobbled by the system somewhere along their paths. Many are lured, supported, or bribed by giant drug corporations, and often do not read, for example, about the drugs they are given by pharmaceutical companies before they prescribe them to their patients. I have seen Big Pharma Reps – usually very attractive women, and men – come and hang around a doctor’s office, buy fabulous lunches for the entire staff, and bring in lots of drug samples for the doctor. I have read the literature about the harmful side effects many of these drugs cause, some of which include death, other horrible diseases, and even the very same disease that the medication is supposed to get rid of. And this is but one example among many, too long to mention here .
    I think that you are very merciful in saying that the med students are brainwashed. Perhaps for a while, at least until they finish their gruelling coursework and residency, but then, when they see the mountain of debt they have to pay back, they begin to consciously suck money out of their patients, hugely overbill the insurance companies because it is hard to get money out of them, and they perpetuate the same rotten and corrupt system that is backed by the AMA. They become detached from the humans they are supposed to be helping, and the willing, enthusiastic, and knowing accomplices, IMO, of the corporations (lobbyists and banksters) that support them and a thoroughly corrupt medical system.
    I wonder whether doctors would be outraged in hearing this. Perhaps they are in denial, or (I hope) still have a shred of conscience left to have some shame – as opposed to the banksters, who seem to have no concept of shame, and openly gloat about what they are doing. Sadly, I think many doctors have “souled” out and have taken a “hypocritical oath” that has nothing to do with Hippocrates, and have perverted their sacred symbol, the Caduceus, into the “Meduseus”.
    Thanks much for the transcript, which I am reading and trying to digest, with a bottle of pepto bismol, and lots of tissues, because we know what happens when you peel an onion.

  4. Ellen, regarding your reference to the “Buyer Beware” sign and the part where you explain that it’s illegal to treat cancer if you’re not an MD, was the idea for this sign suggested by THE SAME Milton Friedman who was the godfather of the “shock doctrine”?

    • Yep. Ironic! But there is something to be said for the laissez faire approach in medicine. Banks could use a bit MORE regulation. But medical licensing laws act as a closed shop that keep promising new remedies out. If I want to take the risk, it’s my body — as long as I know what I’m getting into!

  5. […] hier hoe banken bepalen wat goed voor je […]

  6. Thanks for finally writing about >Dr. Mercola interview – Surprising Links: How Big
    Banks Manipulate and Influence Your Health | WEB OF DEBT BLOG <Liked it!

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