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  1. Ellen:

    Please contact me with the goal of preparing a bill and suitable presentation for creation of a Bank of Minnesota. The Democrats now control both houses of the MN Legislature and the Governor’s Mansion. I see some willingness to consider a bank in view of chronic budget shortfalls papered over with budget gimmicks. A Bank of Minnesota that cuts borrowing costs, small business loans, and student loans ought to go over well in MN, in view of North Dakota.

    Peter J. Nickitas Peter J. Nickitas Law Office, LLC 431 S. 7th St., Suite 2446 P.O. Box 15221 Minneapolis, MN 55415-0221 651.238.3445/FAX 1.888.389.7890

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  3. Can someone please explain to me the difference between the following: 1)A government that issues its own money and spends it into the economy as many monetary reformers want. 2)A government that borrows money from its own central bank interest free.
    Does the first incur no debt, but the second still does, and requires taxes to pay it off? Which system is best and why?
    I would like to understand, but I am convinced that the present system is utterly wrong.

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