Hazel Henderson: “Transforming Finance Still Top Priority”

Restoring public banking is at the top of Hazel Henderson’s list of things to do to build a new financial system. Also prominent is a financial transactions (Tobin) tax, already approved by EU finance ministers.

Read the article here.

3 Responses

  1. Bottom line: we simply need to put the “fed” under treasury, all interest on fiat money being retained by them and promote a public national bank system under treasury where all fiat money interest would be retained by the treasury; interest rates to individuals just covering costs;to business the same; would be interest would then rest with the people, the economy will take care of itself. Simple as that. We just need a Congress that will get out of the way. A couple of committees working out the details, Utopia !!!

  2. Your comment makes so much sense. Treasury should always have been in control of the Banking system, not the Fed. If the interest on the money went to the Treasury, maybe the income tax system could be abolished (income tax was introduced after 1913, “strangely coinciding” with the setting up of the FED, but explained to the people as, to pay for WW1.
    The FED is really a mechanism for extracting massive wealth from the “plebs” and channelling it into the hands of the 0.01%, allowing them to rule. (He who has the gold makes the rules-right?).
    There’s plenty of money in America, it’s just concentrated at the top, It allows those with it, to buy whatever, or whoever they want.
    I wonder if The Congress is aware of that?

  3. Readers may be interested to know that Hazel Henderson expressed great interest in my evolving project of Transfinancial Economics which offers a futuristic understanding of finance, and banks.See my p2pfoundation link by pressing my name.

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