Public Banking Forum of Ireland Power Point — “The Irish Debt Crisis: Time to Think Outside the Box”

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Cheers to the recently-formed Public Banking Forum of Ireland!  Here is the power point version of several presentations done at their events this week —

Ireland Power Point

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  1. Ellen, I just read the Public Banking Forum Ireland Power Point presentation.

    I also just read an article this morning in my local German Newspaper about the U.S. Debt “Crisis”. They have a nice chart of U.S. sovereign bondholders. What d’ya know: Ireland has $117.9 Billion in U.S. Treasuries. A not inconsiderable sum.

    Hmmm….seems like the Irish could pretty well take any of the paths outlined in the power point presentation….seems like they could capitalize their public bank with some serious money…if they just start discreetly selling those treasuries…

    It definitely seems that Ireland has absolutely zero need for “austerity”.

    • Interesting, Erik. Could you possibly supply a source so that we can verify that number? Maybe the source was identified in the article?

      • The chart says “Stand Juli 2013, Quelle: US-Finanzminsterium” which is simply “as of July 2013. Source: U.S. Treasury.”

  2. Hi! I hope you all still remember me!


    I have drafted a sample ‘Defence and Counterclaim’ against HSBC/Citibank and their ‘usury banking’ system. Haha, send me an email if anyone of you here wanna have a read and tell me what you think.

    BUT DO NOT USE THAT in court. Unless you are confident you can get a jury trial, then maybe you might win the sympathy and understanding of the jury.

    I have all these ideas for water-fluoridation, chemical food additives, vaccination and even the banking system…however, the legal approaches I utilize are very ‘outside of the box’ and almost ‘too idealistic’. The ultimate goal is to free and ‘enlighten’ humanity peacefully, and if that is not possible, at least awaken people to the anti-Christ worldly system (e.g. usury banking system) and maybe someone in future who is more brilliant may come out with a genuine solution.

    That is why children and the future generation is SO IMPORTANT…alas…but the chemical food additives, water-fluoridation, air pollution, main-stream medias and vaccination (e.g. lead, aluminium and heavy metals like mercury) are corrupting, uglifying and dumbing them down!



    • I’m in Ireland and just met with an alternative practitioner here, who says the chief culprit is the chemical poison in Monsanto’s Roundup. It attaches to enzymes in place of trace minerals necessary to digest foods. That’s why everybody is sick and overweight; they’re craving essential elements blocked by pesticides.

    • Hi Gary,

      I’d be very interested in getting a copy of that documentation.

      kind regards,


  3. I want to translate this booklet in to Italian, could you please send it to me in a modifiable format? Many thanks. Nicoletta Forcheri

  4. Hey I totally cited to your Bain article in an intense foreclosure-assisted suicide matter here in Seattle. I am organizing a City Council candidate forum on that and related matters for Monday. Here is the website and a promotional video I have with lawyers, housing advocates and demonstrators all coming together.

    Christopher King, J.D.

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