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  1. Another right wing nut-job who has swallowed whole, the lie that only private enterprise is capable of running business efficiently, despite the American Banks, Car Industry etc, being bailed out by governments prior to being handed back to the “Free Market” for them to make money again.
    The American people need to WAKE UP.

    • Brian
      You are obviously very confused by the true meaning of “free enterprise” and that is most likely because you do not realise that the corporate “robbers” hide behind the fake act of “privatisation” when they steal our public assets from us.

      Corporatism is not “free enterprise”, it is simply just a sophisticated form of COMMUNISM!


  2. We see what public banking has done. It’s what they haven’t done, yet can do , that is of concern to me. They are certainly a step in the right direction. How will they manage supply discipline on new money that’s issued ??? Are all loans going to be collateralized ???

  3. What else would one expect except a fulisade of lies to deceive the public. As per the Canadian postal service being in financial trouble and the proposition but forward of a postal bank being nixed as unfair competition for Canada’s equally corrupt banking giants. Competiton as a neccessary part of capitalism is considered sin by the corporate trusts when directed at them but full blown laissez faire capitalism delivered by these same hands is considered good for the citizenry. Why anyone in Vermont wouldn’t understand the duplicity in this man’s statement could be a test of minimal intelligence….

  4. I’m having trouble finding any reference to the chain of events this image refers to. Is this completely unknown outside of Vermont? Can anyone provide a link to this email and to the events that precipitated it?

  5. Money is a failed system. We need to analyze and expose how it failed. I think one of the basic flaws of money is the idea of debt. You don’t need debt to have money. Another flaw of money is that it is a tyranny. This is by design. If you can’t pay your taxes with anything OTHER than money, then money is a tyranny. Create true choice. Allow people to use something else other than money to pay any tax or fee with government. How about credits? http://vfc.nodes.org

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