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  1. #2″A more fundamental flaw Money is created by private banks…”

    TRUTH: A fatal flaw: Money is created by private for profit banks (PFPB).

    “… as a debt at interest.”

    TRUTH:Interest is a tax levied by the PFPB as a means of producing
    a profit.
    Why have ‘We The People’ given PRIVATE FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS the right to :
    1. Issue our currency
    2. To tax it.

    This is the fatal flaw to our monetary system.
    The PFPB have proven that their issuance can not be controlled,
    since IF it is not honored there would be “systemic failure.”

    Who among you can prove these two truths to be false ?
    I await any profound response.

    • Yes, you are right and this is the centerpiece of any banking reform: return the monetary system back to the Treasury where it rightly belongs, out of private hands. Have Congress make an amendment to the Constitution that the money system can NEVER be otherwise. Then the bribes and extortion of Congress will be that much harder for them to pass a new law as they did in 1913.

      This is essential and I think Ellen’s ideas and efforts are making steps toward this ultimate goal.

      • “return the monetary system back to the Treasury where it rightly belongs, out of private hands”.

        Good idea, but JFK already tried to do that, and look what they did to him. The “moneymen” will never allow it to happen.

        • To expect banking to be nationalized all at once at the Federal level is indeed foolish. The private banking cabals completely own all the politicians in Washington DC.

          This is why we must follow and support the strategy put forth by Ellen Brown & the Public Banking Institute: to charter banks anywhere and everywhere possible on a municipal and state levels. Eventually with enough public banks created throughout the nation locally, the private Usurious Federal Reserve cartel will wither away like a cancer cut off from sugar. They can stop individuals but not a mass movement educated and determined to reclaim their economic rights.

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  3. […] in public banking (and here, here) and monetary reform are available now, and affirmed by American historical practice […]

  4. […] in public banking (and here, here) and monetary reform are available now, and affirmed by American historical practice […]

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