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  1. […] And to learn more of TPP, here’s Ellen Brown in a 16-minute interview with USAWatchDog: […]

  2. […] Ellen Brown Writer, Dandelion Salad The Web of Debt Blog June 24, […]

  3. As Mussolini once observed fascism is the merger of government and corporations.

  4. […] Source: WEB OF DEBT BLOG Filed under: Audio Tagged: fast-track, public banking, TISA, TPP, TTIP […]

  5. Ellen – On the subject of “once a utility becomes privatized, it will never be public again.”

    The City of Missoula, Montana, is attempting to regain control of their water utility (Mountain Water) from the Carlyle Group by forcing a buy-out through an eminent domain lawsuit. Mayor John Engen might be a possible subject for an interview? He remains positive the city will prevail.

    Here’s a recent local newspaper article:

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