Michael Hudson on It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown

Michael Hudson

Is the financial deprivation of entire nations engendering a new level of frustration and political unrest? Are the unlikely top-ranked US presidential candidates a sign that the Europeans aren’t the only ones who want to “throw the bums out?”  These emerging political themes are the subject of It’s Our Money, as Ellen engages renowned author, advisor and economics professor Michael Hudson, just back from his consultations with Greece’s Syriza party. Archived here.

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  1. What is so difficult to figure out ?

    The manner in which the Federal Reserve has embezzled money from the U.S. government — with the FRBNY using their exclusive control of accounts of auctions of Treasury securities which have never been audited — has been presented in detail. Ref. http://www.scribd.com/doc/48194264/rip-off-by-the-Federal-Reserve-revised ; and     http://www.scribd.com/doc/153024003/Amended-Complaint-Federal-Reserve-whistleblower . The Fed is currently embezzling $1 trillion annually using the detailed scheme.

    The same Wall Street financiers who profit from the above scheme have control of the IMF and WB. Those institutions have plundered the third world for decades. Ref. Ref. http://farmwars.info/?p=12078  NEW WORLD ORDER; DEAD AHEAD; GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY by Michel Chossudovsky. They have now moved up to Europe. The “ultimate goal” has been documented on internal memos as the collection on the $17 trillion debt of the United States. Are you ready for austerity ?

    The Federal Reserve exists only with the grace of Congress. Congress has been bought off with campaign contributions from Wall Street and the companies they control (which is just about all of them). Only Congress can correct the situation and expose the perfidy of Wall Street.

    The people are becoming aware of the affects of Wall Street exploitation of the world.

  2. Within the financial world – especially by the dominate controlers/originators of the trans atlantic financial ‘system’,when will people start to realize that finances and war go hand in hand. Especialy when a system is bankrupt, The top controllers will go to war to protect their position in the creation of the next Ponzi scheme?

    All talk of how well the “recovery” has been is cover for the next crash, and all that has been don to change the system is the creation, thru Frank-Dodd, the ability to “bail-in” the banks – laws that deem it OK to confiscate depositers accounts (as was done in Cyprus) to keep the huge banks in the system, the drug laundering banks, the banks that use LIBOR to gather in vast amounts of peoples $ to prop up the ficatious “assets” they hold commonly known as derivatives.

    These drunken fools, when they arn’t snortin powder, offer the pretense that they are glamourously intelligent and their smarts have foraged a path to wealth that everyone can follow and benefit from.

    If the leader of our Nation, wasn’t a clone of the British Oligarths, and instead a “spokes person” for the Alexander Hamilton intent of Nation/people building, we would not be 1 minute before thermonuclear war. Wise up my fellow stupid Citizens ‘case there will not be any one around to “memorialize” the explosions of the thousands of atomic weapons of the war now not on our door step but in our non-living rooms. Rid ourselves of this stooge who was placed into position by the laundered drug assets, and we will have a chance to prevent what is now speeding into our lives.

  3. Roger, allow me to applaud your statements.

    War has been the Wall Street’s method of profit and economic control for more than a century.

    Robert Stinnett’s recent book DAY OF DECEIT is a most recent addition to the numerous books that reveal Pearl Harbor was a set up that sacrificed more than 3000 U.S. military men. Stinnett used the FOIA to compel revelation of official government documents that revealed and confirmed an official government agenda to provoke Japan into war. The Japanese codes had been broken for more than 17 months with new codes being easily read with automatic decoders at all major military bases — except at Pearl Harbor. The goal was to prevent Japan from competing with Wall Street markets.

    The Tonkin Bay resolution was a lie given to congress to escalate the CIA’s Vietnam conflict.

    WW I had the U.S. Government lie about the set-up of the HMS Lusitania carrying 500 tons of military explosives sent at reduced speed, without maneuvering to save fuel, stripped of naval escort, through an area known to be patrolled by German submarines. If Britain and France had been defeated by Germany, the Wall Street bankers would have been bankrupt.

    Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia, and Iraq were hyped with lies to destroy four nations that would not truckle to Wall Street. Wall Street has used the CIA to strong-arm nations (including the U.S.) into economic oppression. Ref. CONFESSION OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins ;

    (All above alleged perfidy by the government, or Wall Street, is, of course, denied. The King can do no wrong. If the King does it, it is not improper. quote from George Orwell. )

  4. […] Source: WEB OF DEBT BLOG Is the financial deprivation of entire nations engendering a new level of frustration and political unrest? Are the unlikely top-ranked US presidential candidates a sign that the Europeans aren’t the only ones who want to “throw the bums out?”  These emerging political themes are the subject of It’s Our Money,Read more… […]

    • I submit the “new level of frustration and political unrest” should be the recognition that economic exploitation by Wall Street is becoming more obvious and widespread.

      As mentioned above, Michel Chossudovsky and documented the worldwide economic exploitation by Wall Street in GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY. Haiti is but one visible result. The same entities are now moving up to seizing economic control of most European nations. Ref.  http://farmwars.info/?p=12078 FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

      It has been submitted the above exploitation has been funded by the Federal Reserve embezzling money that legally belongs to the United States government. Ref. https://www.scribd.com/doc/153024003/Amended-Complaint-Federal-Reserve-whistleblower

      Blaming political entities (“political themes”; “throw the bums out”) for problems created by Wall Street is a deliberate MSM/Wall Street (economic theorists ?) diversion of attention.

      Perhaps the renown economics professor would submit the analysis of embezzlement by the Federal Reserve operation is erroneous ?

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