Interviewed on Max Keiser, Feb. 2016




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  1. Hi Ellen,
    I believe that you, Stacy and Max have begun an important discussion. I use “begun” because there is still much that is not on the table and there is much that is changing – that may make the discussion both easier and less likely to happen – just because there is so much going on. The most important part of the infrastructure discussion that I think is missing is that we have not figured out how to address the idea of maintaining the planetary life support system that all who are not prepared to be temporary residents must eventually deal with – particularly the new born infants who will encounter unknown toxins that are collecting from our profit orientations or other reasons. In the long run we must address the things that residents can and must do to maintain the carrying capacity of their localities – or they must become much different inhabitants than we are now. The infrastructure item that best fits this issue is the maintenance of fecundity of ecosystems. This is now addressed by limiting access, but such effort will have to become much more thoroughgoing for those areas that are already occupied and must support some or all of the current populations. Will it be acceptable to limit the number of human occupants. How does the use of a finite metal monetary base fit with the fact that only life can give value to something. How are we going to value life? How should we go about discussing this topic?
    Alan Page

  2. Very enlightening. Anyone who hasn’t read the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins should get a copy ASAP, and familiarise themselves with what the International Banksters have done to many countries in South America and elsewhere.
    Basically. lend the country SO much money that there is NO way they can pay it back, and then buy up all the national infrastructure and bleed the country dry. If this process involves “eliminating” any politician who is incorruptible, so be it.
    Now it’s happening to ‘Western’ countries as well, so that eventually the Banksters and their Zionist owners will own everything and we’ll ALL be enslaved in debt.
    Don’t let them get away with it…………….

  3. Nice!

  4. Ellen Brown is the Marie Curie of banking. Stone cold genius. More people have copied her original work than any other person.

  5. Hi Ellen Brown, big fan. Your money cloud in the sky is now here it is called bitcoin and is global community money not controlled or owned by anyone. To make change you need 51% of computing power. The miners weight heavy, here is the best explanation on the planet

  6. […] who regard themselves as conservatives cite her as an authority. In the case of Max Kaiser, he actually brings her on his show. He has been doing this for a […]

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