Public banking in Europe: Possibilities for Iceland

I’m currently in Switzerland, after presentations on public banking in Reykjavik, Iceland; London, UK; Manchester, UK;  and Cardiff,  Wales. Very interesting and productive trip!

A February 13th seminar on public banking was sponsored by the Dawn Party in Reykjavik. Below is a youtube video of my power point followed by one by Wolfram Morales of the German Sparkassen group. (English begins at 12’35”.)

Iceland is a beautiful country with charming people. They face daunting challenges but have been bold in standing up to the banks, and the spirit is there for a true revolution in banking.



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  1. We in Iceland are so grateful for your visit to us. The time that you and Wolfram were with us did make a difference. The money and banking issue did reach the surface and actually more than that. Your lectures make it impossible for those that do want to privatise the banks to do it without discussing the option Public banks first. Before you two came to Iceland they were able to dismiss that discussion, but not now.
    So thank you very much Ellen for coming to our cold island and you are welcome again anytime!

  2. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    Still think this is a very viable option.

  3. Ellen, u see any connection between Iceland’s “sovereign money” & public bank interests to the attempt to ouster the PM over hidden off shore accounts he was hidding?

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