Hon. Paul Hellyer on “It’s Our Money”

Mayer Rothschild is famously quoted as saying “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” – and so it is. When we look at the distribution of capital, we see that those who control the franchise of creating money through loans and debt rule our world. Ellen speaks with one of the planet’s oldest serving statesmen, Canada’s Paul Hellyer, about the nature of this controlling franchise and about the alternatives still available. Walt McRee speaks with Lisa Cody, a researcher for the Service Employees International Union, who did a landmark study of the outrageous costs Los Angeles has paid private financiers as part of our ongoing series What Wall Street Costs America, and Matt Stannard comments on the increasingly popular idea of providing a basic income to people as one way of balancing the scales against the controlling interests. Archived here.

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    The alternatives available to the debt based and Wall Street finance need to be given much greater exposure and discussion.

  2. mayer rothchild lied when he said that “”i care not who makes the laws”” of coarse he cares as thats how he was able to get the franchise for the fed res. and as for mr hellyer he also mispoke when he said bildeburgers were the rulers who are the rulers.he should have said its the “”rothchilds”” who rule,the bildeburgers are a trojan horse and are not the real monied rulers.they are the agents of the rothchilds to take the heat off the rothchild.and as for the public in america and europe they are the stooges who are stuoid dumb uneducated fools who eat up the propaganda of the rothchild control government and media ,a hand in glove operation.to deny this is to be an agnet of the rothchilds who forcenturies have had a hand in all worldly wars and even the inception of the u.s revolution as they financed it through their bank of france to the tune of 15.million dollars in gold.

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