Stephen Lendman on Brexit on “It’s Our Money”

BREXIT, FREXIT, GREXIT – where’s everybody going? The recent vote in the United Kingdom to get out of the European Union is a telling example of how ill-served citizens in the political/financial union are feeling about their status. Such feeling suggests the potential for contagion with other European nations souring on the control of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Ellen talks with a noted international observer Stephen Lendman about this vote and the politics that led up to it and are now playing out.

Matt Stannard reports on another political stage, in NC, where money for local infrastructure depends on compliance with onerous immigration policies.  And our What Wall Street Costs America report focuses on the tragic human costs inflicted on Puerto Rico by American hedge funds. Archived here.

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  1. 2016-07-16 Dr. Anthony Horvath, author of” CAPITALlessISM … published recently. BREXIT, FREXIT, GREXIT …. EXIT no ESCAPE .. FROM THE NEW FORM OF EUROPEAN STYLE COLONIALISM … it has been predicted by the author years ago. When E.U.’s non-democratically elected commissionaires DICTATE policies to democratically elected leaders of member nations, YOU CAN EXPECT … EXIT-type reactions … When, the E.U. IMPOSES everything ….. from major issues,.. like how many million migrants they should absorb (regardless of their capacity), … to trivialities like what to feed their turkeys with …. Or … the slathering of millions of cows forcing self-supporting counties .. to become food-import-and-capital-credit dependant, then the new self-appointed E.U. leaders are overstepping their role. The European Union has become a new form of colonialism. What has started in Europe as noble project, copying of the United Sates Federation or the Canadian Federation, to form an economic union has degenerated to an economic dictatorship mainly under German and French leadership. The new E.U. consolidates a few country’s’ economies while treats the other member nations as FREE MARKET COLONIES. This is an undemocratic economic dictatorship over member nations… very far from the Canadian or the United Sates Democratic model. It has become a tag of war between legitimate national jurisdictions and economic dictatorships of a few members. … YES, I THINK IT IS THE BEGINNING OF … MANY-EXITS…. UNLESS THE EUROPEAN LEADERSHIP WAKES UP TO THE REALITY AND RESPECT OF NATIONAL DEMOCRACIES. The same way as in the US one state doesn’t interfere in the jurisdiction of the others.

    In our book as a shock to many, we defend a NATIONAL ”PROTECTIONIST” ECONOMY. While economists think it’s an old outdated concept, …the world strives on Fifa, the world soccer championship, the Olimpic games to boost national spirits? Why not in economy? We inspire our study from Israel’s, China’s, Japan’s, Germany’s, and Switzerland’s self-sufficient functioning, which is based on a strong national identity and a strong national economy. The latest European votes in the E.U. also sent a clear nationalist message back to their politicians and their economists. Brittain’s exit from the European Union has confirmed our theory predicting this.
    Thank you for your comments

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