On “It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown”: Viking Economics – Sharing Prosperity

How did Scandinavia become the world leader in successful, equitable economies?  People.  Like the farmers of North Dakota a hundred years ago, the people pushed back against the failures of the controlling economic elite. Author and professor George Lakey talks with co-host Walt McRee about his book “Viking Economics” and discovers many parallels to today’s America. And there’s big news for the public banking movement out of New Jersey with one of the major mainstream candidates for Governor announcing his intention to form a state-owned public bank to address chronic state fiscal issues. Later on the Public Banking Report, Mike Krauss talks about how imperiled pension funds can save themselves by investing in their own public bank.

Listen to the archive here.


One Response

  1. Thx for addressing a way out of some of our current problems via the Public Bank Solution.

    Also, I’m so glad that I happened upon your blog. The focus that you have on the debt situation is commendable + much needed for dialogue.

    As you know, countries can still default due to high + unsustainable debt levels. In addition, as you point out, the risk that our high use of leveraged derivatives poses is still very real. Hopefully, we can work on creating ways to lessen the risks of another “Great Recession.”

    Here’s a link to an article on debt I wrote that you may find interesting:


    Thx again,

    Perry Casilio

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