Ralph Nader’s “Breaking Through Power” Conference, Washington DC

I was very pleased to be able to talk to Ralph Nader about public banking on his radio show and to be a presenter at his “Breaking through Power” conference last week. The radio show is here —


and the video is here–

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  1. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Very interesting, eloquent and informative speakers.

  2. Hi Ellen and thank you for bringing programs and speakers, the likes of which bring about a sincere, principled, transparent dialogue.
    I’ve followed your work, along with MMT concepts for sometime now

    Hope this question isn’t too far off topic…with the fear induced number of 152 trillion of global debt reached, my question would be (why is it all of a sudden brought to light and by whom? –P.Peterson–)
    and what might one explain to a citizen about that “debt” and/or the derivatives layered to it?
    The thought of “self-dealing cartel bounces around ones upstairs abacus.
    Thank you in advance for any light,
    Kind regards

  3. Thanks for the comment. This is a very very short response, as I am seriously pressed for time at the moment. Basically, all money is debt. Without federal debt we would have no money. The problem with the federal debt is the interest. If we borrowed from our own central bank, as other countries have done very successfully, the debt could be interest-free and problem free. I’ve explained all that in quite a bit more detail in “The Public Bank Solution.”

  4. Thanks, EB,

    Agree that we could cut the middle guys (primary dealers).

    However, wouldn’t the interest from the Treasury Bonds go back to the holders/asset managers in the form of gain, therefore to the stake holders to be used in the economy?


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