Two Recent Power Points on Public Banking, in Englewood, CO, and Santa Rosa, CA

Here are my latest efforts at presenting the public banking model by power point. The longer version was at an event in Englewood, CO, on October 30, called “Taking Back the Money Power: The Public Option in Banking.” The shorter version was at an event in Santa Rosa, CA, on November 9 called “Cannabis Cash and Public Banking.” My part was on public banking in general, followed by Marc Armstrong who spoke on how a public bank could serve the newly legalized recreational cannabis business. Many thanks to Earl Staelin for the Colorado event and Shelly Browning for the Santa Rosa event. Great fun!

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  2. Ellen Brown supports Public Banking in North Dakota which is now paying Law Enforcement Paramilitary attacks on Sioux Protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline. Fascist Governor Dalrymple has Stocks and Shares in the Oil Industry, does the Public Bank of North Dakota?

    • The Bank of North Dakota had no choice in that. It doesn’t make political decisions. It is owned by the state, and lawmakers required them to do it. See here –

      The Emergency Commission, a panel of state officials and lawmakers headed by the governor, handles emergency funding requests when the Legislature isn’t in session. The group in September voted to borrow $6 million from the state-owned Bank of North Dakota to help fund protest-related law enforcement. When that money ran out, the commission decided earlier this month to borrow an additional $4 million.

  3. Hi Ellen,

    Great video from Englewood. Seems like support is really building in the US.

    We have just released the video of Professor Richard Werner Conference in Dublin earlier in the year.

    You may find it interesting.

    Video Link:

    Prof. Richard Werner – Banking Industry Exposed & Solutions Presented – Dublin April 2016


    Gerry & Jim

  4. Thanks for the link! Richard Werner is great on these issues.

    • An excellent video. It’s interesting about what he says about central banks being captured by the ruling elite and so don’t work in the public interest. Small and medium but not profit private banks are the way to go, he argues. It’s sad that in Germany the ECB is trying to destroy these banks before other European countries cotton onto the idea.

  5. Thanks for moving us forward.
    It’s 2017, the year that matters!

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