Joyce Nelson, Mark Anielski on “It’s Our Money”

A handful of Canadians are waging a noble fight to return their central bank, the Bank of Canada, to its chartered role as a low and no-interest financier of government projects and the public interest. That case is at the center of a new book called Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism.  We speak with author Joyce Nelson about how the global debt cartel of international finance is creating a permanent trap for citizens the world over.  And we visit with economic strategist Mark Anielski about his book The Economics of Happiness – a different way of measuring wealth.

Listen here.

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  1. Most of the Western world are being slowly enslaved, and not only do most of the people not know it, they are being led to believe it is all THEIR fault. In Australia the government is currently trying to ‘claw back’ money in varying amounts from unemployed or under employed people, because the government ‘can’t balance the budget’, meanwhile lots of large national and multi-National companies are paying little or no tax, using “profit shifting techniques”.
    The World’s largest mining company BHP-Billiton ‘sells’ the ore it digs up in Australia to its subsidiary company in Singapore for the cost of the ore’s production, thereby making NO profit(or very little) in Australia, but the BHP Singapore company on sells the ore to China at the ‘World Price’ and makes squillions of dollars profits(which are only taxed at 5% in Singapore. The ore never goes to Singapore, just sails past Singapore direct from Australia to China. And the Australian government look the other way.
    Somehow, the International companies have ‘bought’ the various governments silence. Bribery?…..Let’s just call it ‘DONATIONS’……

  2. “It’s our money”? How do you figure that?

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