Two power points: “A Deep Dive into Money and Banking” and “Funding the Green Transition with Public Banks”


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  1. Please – the Green funding – alleged to protect the future is simply a genocidal plan to keep the British financial power in operation – Hitler, following the advice of the British banker assigned to Hitler’s Financial Minister post ( Hjalmar Schacht) approved Hitlers ‘youth’ promoting environmental policies were of the same nature.

    Please get filmier with the total history of these concepts – where they originate and why – before falling into the Empire’s trap ( or are they paying U to promote it?)

    Lordy, Helen, I thought U were a little more “on the ball” then to grab onto this! U helped me understand banking better, but i see Ur deficient in this area.

    Constructive criticism, citizen.

    • Not getting paid to promote it! In fact my whole point was that we DON’T need to drastically change our lifestyles, etc., to preserve and restore the planet’s ecology. We can do it with regenerative agriculture, which we do need whether we’re looking at global warming or global cooling or a massive hoax and plot. As for funding, we can fund whatever Congress decides it needs to fund. I leave that up to the legislators, but the point is we don’t need to tap up the taxpayers, cut back on other services, or go into austerity mode. We can fund whatever we need to with public banks and the Federal Reserve, repurposed as a true public utility.

      • So, what is your argument against including each human being in the planet equally in a globally standard process of money creation?

  2. Wealth may borrow money into existence from Bank, and then buy sovereign debt (bonds) for a profit.

    Thereby causing State to make the payments on money for Wealth with our tax money.

    Can you construct a moral or ethical justification for that process?

    The process requires citizens to accept debt, in the form of money/options to purchase human labor, in exchange for our labor.

    We are compelled to perform this service to State and Wealth without agreement or compensation. This structure violates the Thirteenth amendment to the US Constitution barring compelled servitude.

    Even if we accept a Constitutional Right for Congress to create money, Congress may not create money in a way that violates that saame Constitution.

  3. […] För den som vill höra på ett föredrag av Ellen Brown, som alltid har konstruktiva förslag, så finns det 2 videor här – Two power points: “A Deep Dive into Money and Banking” and “Funding the Green Transition with … […]

  4. […] Two power points: “A Deep Dive into Money and Banking” and “Funding the Green Transition with … […]

  5. This is very valuable information on A Deep Dive into Money and Banking” and “Funding the Green Transition with Public Banks”

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