The Public Bank Solution


9780983330868-Perfect.psdShock waves from one Wall Street scandal after another have completely disillusioned us with our banking system; yet we cannot do without banks. Nearly all money today is simply bank credit. Economies run on it, and it is created when banks make loans. The main flaw in the current model is that private profiteers have acquired control of the credit spigots. They can cut off the flow, direct it to their cronies, and manipulate it for personal gain at the expense of the producing economy. The benefits of bank credit can be maintained while eliminating these flaws, through a system of banks operated as public utilities, serving the public interest and returning their profits to the public. This book looks at the public bank alternative, and shows with examples from around the world and through history that it works admirably well, providing the key to sustained high performance for the economy and well-being for the people. Order here.

Read the Table of Contents
for a preview of what is inside —
by Hazel Henderson
Chapter 1
: From Bail-Outs to Bail-Ins: A Banking Dinosaur On Life Support

Chapter 14: The Reconstruction Finance Corporation: The Little-Known Public Financial Institution That Reversed the Depression and Funded World War II

Chapter 25: Latin America: Breaking the Taboos of the Neoliberal Agenda
Chapter 36: Toward A New Theory of Money And Credit


Ellen Brown has written what will become one of THE most important books of our time. She eloquently educates us on how the democratization of money is the very foundation of a free society. Ellen brilliantly shows how money can be the current or currency that facilitates the spiritual experience of manifesting our collective intentions for a better world.   Her book is an absolute game-changer and a must read for all those interested in having a world that works for everyone. Buy it, read it, and tell everyone you know to do the same.
— Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money and Co-Founder of the Pachamama Alliance

This is a must read! Ellen Brown is the leader of the public banking movement and this masterful work is certain to become the go-to book for anyone interested in transcending the speculation-driven global financial system—and helping lay sound foundations for the fast-emerging New Economy.
– Gar Alperovitz, author of What Then Must We Do?, Lionel R. Bauman Professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland and CoFounder of the Democracy Collaborative

Brown has done it again. The Public Bank Solution follows her Web of Debt, a brilliant analysis of privatized banking, how it has usurped the money creation power, and how we can get it back. Public banking is the antidote to corrupted, dysfunctional privatized banking, the way forward for sustainable long-term growth and prosperity. The Public Bank Solution explains an idea whose time has come.
Stephen Lendman, talk show host, author, How Wall Street Fleeces America

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  1. Dear Ellen: How will (Canadian) credit unions be effected during the next financial crisis? Are credit unions ‘somehow’ public banks?
    Thanks for your support, Stefan Winter

    • Credit unions in Canada are ensured by CDIC insurance. See . If you have deposits in chequing or savings accounts these deposits are insured for up to $100,000.

      Credit unions are considered more public than the Big 6 in Canada because they do not take deposits directly from the Bank of Canada, and credit unions distribute profits among its members / account holders.

  2. MONEY out of banks into CREDIT UNIONS….
    In part;
    Tension has always existed between member-owned cooperative credit unions and for-profit banks in the United States. When credit unions were first organizing in the US in the early 20th century, the banking industry was opposed, remaining so ever since.
    The FDIC does not provide deposit insurance for credit unions, which are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).
    The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is the independent federal agency created by the U.S. Congress to regulate, charter, and supervise federal credit unions
    A credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative, democratically controlled by its members, and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at competitive rates, and providing other financial services to its members.[1][2][3]

  3. If credit unions are already member-owned financial cooperatives, democratically controlled by its members, there is no reason to move Credit Unions in any direction at all. Check out a credit union near you. Then move your money out of the banks into CREDIT UNIONS. We can’t wait for the government to do the right thing.

    • the only thing i fouind was that credit unions are more dinosaur than commercial banks. Staffed by dumber than average people with more onerous interpretations of ordinary rules.

  4. I liked your Why do banks want your deposits? But you fail to mention the increased debt that has to be created (in the bank’s books) as owed by the receiver of each newly issued bank loan. Proper consolidation accounting would show this for personal transactions, for individual national economies and for the world as a whole.

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  8. This is more a question than a comment. Do public banks engage in fractional reserve banking? As i understand things, this essentially is fiat money are better stated “currency” created out of nothing according to Edward Griffin in his “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”.

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  10. […] Institute, and author of twelve books including the best-selling Web of Debt. Her latest book, The Public Bank Solution, explores successful public banking models historically and globally. Her 300+ blog articles are […]

  11. what banks or credit unions will survive the comming financial crash, and should we move out of the mainstream banks to a smaller institution? If so, which ones….Calif??

  12. […] Institute, y autora de doce libros, incluyendo el best seller Telaraña de Deuda. Su último libro, The Public Bank Solution (De la austeridad a la prosperidad. Banco Públicos), explora modelos de banca pública histórica […]

  13. In Alberta Canada the provincial government owns the Alberta Treasury Branch bank. Is my money safer in this bank because the Alberta Government owns it?

  14. […] Banking Institute, and author of 12 books including the best-selling Web of Debt. Her latest book, The Public Bank Solution, explores successful public banking models historically and globally. Her 300+ blog articles are at […]

  15. The solution is not shown here, so I will show the unknown problem, then the solution.

    The obvious answers will not be used, like those proposed by LaRouche. to save the worlds commercial banking..(We all do wish.)

    The central banks do not want a total collapse, as this would not bring about the announced new world order one world everything they say they want.. What is being created, is the move to the cashless society as the west will be the last to hit the wall. Lessor currencies will see their economies destroyed when the west so much as get a cold. Bailing in …could not possibly pay off the impossible global unnecessary debt deliberately created by fiat fractional reserve usery.

    For those unaware, the math code for all contracts trusts and treaties now used over the last 8,500 yeas in 5,000 languages globally, has been broken. This means the global economic system operated under the law of the admiralty, the law of fiction, will face a CHANGEOVER. Any lawyer such as our gracious host already understands the basics of language in articling. All legal language uses adverb verb..The world of fiction and the world of fact however will never meet. One can understand then, that all documents of contract trust and treaty, is void and rendered unenforcable, requiring them to be rewritten using proper syntax. This skill pays up to $1,000.00 per hour. There is only one man on the planet capable of writing in Quantum..

    Example of the new language;
    Look at the US one dollar.bill. See the word AMERICA on it. Any Canadian like me can easily find one at any bank or credit union if you want to bother.Take my word for it…the word is on there.

    A is a single syllable and therefore means NO
    MERI , is Latin for MERCY.
    CA,, is also Latin meaning SHEEP.

    Profound ! Obviously it’s a little late to blame our grade five english teacher, but the world communicates at a grade two level..Not exactly some conspiracy theory here dear readers.
    What is God’s system of fair weights and measures, instead of fractional reserve fiat paper ? Now, for those who do not apply fair weights and measures… the above CHANGEOVER will be the economic result. NO MERCY FOR THE SHEEP

    What has been shown to you, is merely an example of the QUANTUM parse syntax grammar mathematics code interface. The math functions perfectly forwards and backwards to ensure exact meaning with no room for misinterpretation. Such will be used in all future contracts, trusts and treaties. The excuse used will be another issue, but it’s enough to say people don’t go to court or to war over a math problem..

    The interface is for proper operations designed to function in unison with the QUANTUM cray five supercomputer array, located beneath Falcon Colorado. These systems are connected to all data bases and communications centers globally. This provides the means for total monitoring for all economic activity on the planet .Governments of nations each monitor all communications of a different government and share information to get around the law.

    The tie-in to the cashless society, for those who will accept this for physical survival, is the biometric authentication RFID, in order to buy and sell.
    Next comment is the solution, from




  16. The global economic solution

    Welcome to the world’s first credit based, L.B.M.A. certified VAULTED gold backed currency ! The framework already exists in 119 countries as a savings network or group if you will. Denominations are suitable for low budget exchange & savings, and for online commerce. Storage is free until the person takes physical delivery. The currency is sealed with a serial number inside for double security.

    Now there are online vendors beginning to apply for acceptance to the refiner as a stable method of payment for buying and selling,. to maintain commerce as fiat paper begins to slowly dissolve.

    An unbreakable non prime number encryption is used for a third level of security on line. NO BIOMETRICS RFID.

    Further, those visionaries with interests in business development can share this with others, interested in physical and spiritual survival.Pay is every Friday in gold, and can be placed on to your credit card.

    I dare anyone to look for a loophole in this, because there isn’t one. How would I know ? I discovered this about a month before one I listen too announced he was already involved and making application as an online vendor. He has over a 200 I Q which helps.

    My background includes being a Canadian veteran of ten years including military intelligence…yes I have been underground, finance, a failed stripmine capitalization attempt, and an energy expert specializing in large volume buy / sell contracts with the lowest rates available.

    For further information, email Title it, Gold Currency..

  17. all of the “Excerpts” links on this page take you back to this page:

  18. I see what you mean….it does. However, perhaps you could get the book as it must have great information people can use. if it’s the solution anyone is looking for, perhaps our good host will allow you to connect to my obscure blog to explain these solutions with somewhat more depth than the comments made.
    Besides, people that want to be able to buy or sell in the future, will either take the mark, or avoid it’s biometric authentication by the RFID, and do buying and selling in the parallel economy sure to grow with all the online businesses that have begun to apply for this global standard of gold quality and in a secure method everyone can trust.

    The blog is and at the top it’s called The Blogathon Philabuster The first article is relevant to this article in banking and a stable economic model people need. Again, the email is

  19. […] Global Research News Hour contributor Kellia Ramares-Watson completes the hour with a previously recoded interview with Ellen Brown on the theme of banking as a public utility. Ellen Brown is founder of the Public Banking Institute, and author of Web Of Debt: The Shocking Truth about our Money System and How we can Break Free, and her more recent From Austerity to Prosperity: The Public Bank Solution. […]

  20. […] Institute, y autora de doce libros, incluyendo el best seller Telaraña de Deuda. Su último libro, The Public Bank Solution (De la austeridad a la prosperidad. Banco Públicos), explora modelos de banca pública histórica […]

  21. An interesting article, extensively citing Brown:

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  24. Love Ellen’s show “it’s our money”
    On PRN- FM.

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  29. […] for monetary reform. Many do. Many other choices exist and could be implemented. Read: what about this? Watch: you-tube has so many great documentaries, […]

  30. […] As Ellen Brown points out in her book The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity: […]

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