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  1. Re: interview by Daily Bell. Your requirements would all be met using a Gold Standard and Real Bills .(Fekete, ‘Gold and Honey’)
    I come upon Ellen Brown from the drugless area and agree 100%. Ellen. You would be interested in my wife’s book, (http://www.bettyjocost.com/redeemed/Home.html) “Redeemed by Love”.(Apple, Amazon, Kindle etc). She takes the subject of health to a higher plane.( and lives accordingly. I am still trying). With kind regards.Ron Harrod

  2. RE: Movement for the people…….I went on Sat just to see YOU, thank you for coming.
    There you were in the Emerald City colors!
    And I wasn’t disappointed.
    (Even if the screen for your PP was a little diminutive.)
    Paul Glover was also amazing, and the day was life changing in several profound ways.
    As luck would have it, I traded videos with one of the participants, I gave him a copy of “Secret of Oz” for “9500 Liberty” (the one made by Annabel). After watching that video I realized how racist I was in my thinking and how much uncivility I harbored.
    This is my post-it note to your work.
    WE ARE going to get State banks and Debt-free money and soon.

  3. Ellen Brown, you are my hero! You present graduate level macroeconomics including banking, in a logical, flowing manner. I know I could not articulate this subject matter to this degree. I look forward reading more articles and educating myself as well. Be strong and be in good health!

  4. Hi Ellen, Thinking of re-writing the flyer I’ve been using to promote monetary reform( which is basically a good plug for your book!), and I need a good figure to “wow” people on just how much money the government could create for “free” to cover budgetary needs and all the nice “extras” you talk about like alternative energy research etc. I know the minimum could be what banks are loaning annually now( I’d like that figure if you have it), but what larger amount could be created and put into the economy without being inflationary. There are various ways I have compiled this, but was curious what figure YOU used when talking to people on this subject . Folks like to hear big numbers…it gets their attention! See you at the banking conference in September!

    • Hi Michael, the figure we’re using for state-owned banks is $4000 per capita, since that’s what the BND has in deposits, and it has about the same in outstanding loans. You need the deposits to clear the checks, so that comes out to about 1 to 1. For California, with 37 million people, that’s $148 billion. Yes see you in September — should be fun!

      • Hi Ellen, I was referring to the FEDERAL government when I asked for that figure on how much a year it could spend into the budget for”free”. Also, since you’re a main speaker at the banking conference, I thought you might have a clue as to when and where it’s going to be and who some of the other speakers are. I may combine it with a longer vacation especially if it’s in California. Michael

        • Hi Michael, unfortunately we’re still waiting on funding. Lots of interest but the Koch Brothers haven’t shown up yet! The plan is September for the conference though. Stay tuned!

          Sorry, I don’t remember the question now about federal budget spending. Can you repeat it?

  5. Stephen Zarlenga dismisses (if I recall correctly) the idea of State-owned banks like the Bank of North Dakota as a solution to the national problem. Would you please comment on his criticism.

  6. Hi Ellen:

    I want to personally thank you for your detail explanations of our money system. You, along with Bill Still and Byron Dale have nailed down the problems and solutions perfectly.

    I have a couple of questions………I live in the Atlanta area. Are there anyone or group that an average person like myself can hook up with to help resolve this crisis? Do you have any suggestions on what the average person can do to get involve in reforming our monetary system?

    I look forward to your reply.


    • Thanks Jarvis, glad you asked! We have a new institute, the Public Banking Institute, which has coordinators in different states helping people get organized and educated on public banking.


      I don’t see a state coordinator yet for Georgia, but if you write to “contact us,” you can get hooked up with someone nearby. Anyway check out the website; it has a lot of information on it. Best wishes, Ellen

  7. Ellen,

    Do you have a state coordinator for Utah?

  8. Why not have the conference in Grand Forks, N.Dak. at the Univ. of ND. ND also has a state flour mill in GF. Attendees could visit the grave of FDR’s Comptroller of the Currency, J.F.T. OConner, who went on to run for the govenorship of California. GF has 25 motels & a large hotel convention center close to the UND campus.

  9. Hi Ellen,

    LOVE the book and its message. Thanks so much. I believe it deserves a wide wide audience and would suggest it be conveyed in an adult version children’s story with illustrations. Or a graphic comic sorta thing. Of course that would be a gross simplification, but it may be an entree to getting the word out to an “America” that must hear this message. I honestly could see a movie on your book, and the Wizard gives this message an enormous platform.

    Thanks for considering.


  10. i teach high school banking and business in the boulder valley school district in colorado. please keep me posted. thank so much for your important and exciting efforts on behalf of the nation.

  11. Ellen! That is so great you will be in Portland from October 25-28th. Can’t wait to see you and hear the latest!

  12. 2013 last. Estimate on derivatives 1.3 quadrillon,what is it now?

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