Great money reform video from Scotland

Entertaining and enlightening — view here.

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  1. thank you – but it does not seem to be viewable for me.

    On a different note – it would be very interesting to hear some hypotheses – about what is happening in Greece. As always – the news that reach through corporate media – are so washed out – it is difficult to understand what is going on.

  2. And here:

    This is very high level thinking about our economic situation, but fairly easy to understand, once you get used to the charming Scottish brogue, or accent. – Jere

  3. Hey Ellen, I didn’t see a way to contact you, so figured I’d drop this here. MSNBC did an article on BND, and I swear some of the language is cribbed from your work.

    Anyway, they of course didn’t mention you, wouldn’t be “relevant” if they had to mention that someone’s been talking about it for 4 years.


    Oh, I recently purchased Web of Debt, still making way through it, enjoying it thoroughly!

  4. I am probably not the first to find this blog entry – but just in case it went unnoticed – I will post a link here – since it relates to previous Ellen’s post about JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs:

  5. Excellent! One of the best capsules I’ve seen on the recent “bubble machines” generated by the “Money-Masters”. However the article was taken down, somewhat mysteriously. Now isn’t that strange? Not. Such blatant exposure of high crimes against the American people are a no-no. I found it again here though, it will probably still be available somewhere by searching “The Great American Bubble Machine” by Matt Taibbi. Few people have the intelligence, background, resources and guts to write such an article and have it widely read. I hope Matt Taibbi succeeds.

    Thanks for the contribution, Gary.

  6. Great info, but link doesn’t work.

  7. Just cauught up with this broken lnk to the video –
    Please try

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