Two video interviews — on RT America and Kim Iverson

Interview with Sarah Westall 11-20-17

Conferences: Two Upcoming and a Video

I’ll be attending four conferences before I get home October 8, two down (Berlin and Basel) and two to go. The two upcoming are in Columbus OH and Bretton Woods NH and are open to the public. I’ll be speaking on Oct 3 and 6, respectively. It would be great to see you there! The first one is also livestreamed. Details below:


Inaugural Conference
October 2-3, 2015
Denison University, Granville, Ohio


Sustainable Full Employment and Transformational Technologies”

Inaugural Conference: PROVISIONING AND PROSPERITY: Sustainable Full Employment and Transformational Technologies

Research Scholars


Toward the Redemption of Our Financial System & Restitution of Our Common Wealth

Sept 29- October 6, Mt. Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH

Videos have also now been posted of the Economics of Happiness Conference in Portland OR on Feb 27, 2015. My power point presentation is below.

Cheers, Ellen

The Confiscation of Bank Deposits and The Derivative Debt: James Corbett interviews Ellen Brown on GRTV

USAWatchDog interview on new bail-in rules 12-9-14

Up and Down Theater, “Everybody Needs Money!”

The Up and Down Theater did an original comedy routine for the Santa Fe Public Banking Conference on September 28th, which was added late to the post below.  It’s here — very clever!!

Santa Fe Public Banking Conference on video; upcoming events

The Santa Fe Public Banking Conference last weekend was a great success.  The videotaped event can be seen here.

Our guest on “It’s Our Money” on PRN next Wednesday, October 8th, will be Richard Wolff, the keynote speaker in Santa Fe.  Listen at noon PST/3 pm EST or on archive here.

The Praxis Peace Economics of Sustainability Conference is coming up next week in San Francisco.  I’ll be speaking at 10:30 am on Wednesday the 8th. Details here.

The Philadelphia Public Banking conference is on October 18.  Details here.

Would love to see you at one of these events!  Ellen

New video: “You know a politician or talking head doesn’t ‘get it’ when . . .”

Here is Rudy Avizius’ latest video, posted on the PublicBankingTV YouTube Channel. Quite clever and clear!

Prosperity For Main Street, Not Wall Street

Another great video from Rudy Avizius and Mike Krauss —

On USAWatchdog with Greg Hunter


No More Detroits…The Philadelphia Public Bank Solution

See also a new 1-hour video posted on the PublicBankingTV channel showing Mike Krauss’ presentation to a group in Philadelphia on the proposed Philadelphia Public Bank.  This video is full of information useful to people interested in finding out what a public bank could do for their city, county, university, etc.  It’s linked here.

PublicBankingTV : Your Money Is Not Safe in the Big Banks


Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds – Ellen Brown, Web of Debt (Part 1)
Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds – Ellen Brown, Web of Debt (Part 2)

Swami Beyondananda: “How California Can Solve Its Budget Crisis” [video]

Here is Swami Beyondananda’s clever take on the California budget crisis —

Video: “The Real Tea Party Begins Here!”

Find out the REAL cause of the Boston Tea Party (it wasn’t tea taxes) & learn how a public state bank could remove our debt, permanently. There IS enough money to meet our needs, it is just held by monopoly powers who falsely claim the country is broke. Understand the lie, then do something about it. Support state banks.

View video here –

Great money reform video from Scotland

Entertaining and enlightening — view here.