Prosperity For Main Street, Not Wall Street

Another great video from Rudy Avizius and Mike Krauss —

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  1. […] ErnieM Another great video from Rudy Avizius and Mike Krauss –Filed under: videos …read […]

  2. Great video, is there a link to the “first video” that Krauss refers to in this one?

  3. There seems to be a general misunderstanding, that Wall st “Generates” wealth, when in fact as the video shows Wall st “extracts” wealth from the American economy and concentrates it into the hands of the less than 1%.
    And it’s not that these people are smarter than you or me, they have invented the perfect system for robbing people blind, by lending you money they don’t have and charging you interest on it. Such a system should be in the hands of the US Government, not a select few.
    The FED Reserve Bank has way more power than the USA President, because they have the wealth and power to buy whatever they want.
    The FED is owned by;
    Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin,
    Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris,
    Israel MosesBanks of Italy,
    Warburg Bank of Hamburg Germany and Amsterdam,
    Goldman Sachs Bank of New York,
    Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York/Shearson American Express,
    Chase Manhattan Bank of New York(D Rockerfeller)
    So the people who run America…………aren’t even Americans.
    Americans, and the rest of us, are just non important “slaves” to the system.

    • Right on, Brian–well-put! The people who run America aren’t even Americans. Their loyalties are elsewhere. We’re just a colony, a cash cow–to be milked, bilked, and debased. It’s called TYRANNY!

      • All these owners are Jewish, except Rockefeller & he had his empire funded by Jews. I would suspect those other Jewish banks are also major shareholders of Rockefeller too.
        How does it feel to be under the thumb of foreign, self-serving interests?

        • They’ve all been creating a universal scaling (price) system that can be used for electronic barter where one can trade real value for real value and the pricing scale is simply an interface that acts in-between the two items for trading. The end result is a trade that does not incorporate debt. It’s still a work in progress.

  4. […] Prosperity For Main Street, Not Wall Street Posted on February 4, 2014 by ErnieM Another great video from Rudy Avizius and Mike Krauss – […]

  5. Greetings to all

    FIRSTLTy . . have you read or are you familiar with the teachings of Henry George and Land Value Taxation? It would appear to me that an ego problem exists because ‘some’ person wants to come up with a new proposal and be the HERO.

    Go to the Robert Schalenbach Foundation New York and find out more. Education is learning

    what you didn’t know

    you didn’t know.

    Also, I made an enquiry about a snail mail address for Ellen in order to send her a DVD about a part of the Australian system. The DVD is by a past Prime Minister who was Treasurer prior to this. If she does not wish to receive this I will pass it on to another who may be more interested.

    If I do not hear from you, say 7 days, I will know she is not interested.

    Thanks and keep up the good fight

    Kindest regards


  6. The real problem is the federal reserve act of 1913 (and it’s companion in economic crime, the 16th, as “Americans don’t need all that money” type thinking), which allows private banks of the fed to counterfeit money from thin air, then call it a loan to the government and charge interest as well…we pay about $ 200 B/yr. interest on this atrocity of legislation signed by “Wilson the weak” as he owed JPM for great campaign debts, etc….That amount would entirely fix our system of monetary problems for the time being, while we adjudicated over the rest of the fallacious money printing/generating the fed has done for 100 years, allowing only for valid uses like public and private investments of benefit to the public and the Constitutional general welfare of the country, instead of just wallstreet banks.

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