Video: “The Real Tea Party Begins Here!”

Find out the REAL cause of the Boston Tea Party (it wasn’t tea taxes) & learn how a public state bank could remove our debt, permanently. There IS enough money to meet our needs, it is just held by monopoly powers who falsely claim the country is broke. Understand the lie, then do something about it. Support state banks.

View video here –

4 Responses

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  2. Very clear, great presentation of the core ideas that can bring about “real change”.

  3. I heard a news item (do not remember date, but it was
    recent) that said the Fed was buying bank securities
    on long term loans with money created out of “thin air”.

    Are they becoming owners of foreclosed homes?
    Is this a way to return money to the banks to replace
    the losses on loans so they can start lending again?

    If you are buying with money created out of thin air at
    0% interest, it doesn’t matter how long you hold on to
    the asset and you could allow homeowners (say)
    to take their time repaying their loans. Then when
    they repay their mortgages the money should vanish
    back into thin air avoiding inflation.

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