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  1. […] 11 07 – Web of Debt blog – Ellen Brown on Keiser Report […]

  2. […] 11 07 – Web of Debt blog – Ellen Brown on Keiser Report […]

  3. This is a greatly enlightening video about our financially indecent banking system. Max and Stacey are right in calling it “financial genocide” and that the high frequency credit manipulators should be brought before the Hague.
    I really enjoyed your conversation with Max Keiser. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. The image of a bankster as “a vaseline-lathered weasel” was hilarious. I hope you do many more conversations with Max and Stacey.

  4. oops you said they( Euro) won’t get a one world without political ..etc

    But they destroyed Europe so they can step in to save it with the ECB

    but the europian countries MUST sign over sovereignty!! and miss

    Rothchild had the papers the puppet states signed!


  5. Miss Brown proposes the establishment of publicly-owned in place of privately-owned banks. MY QUESTION IS: WHY DO WE NEED BANKS AT ALL,WHETHER THEY BE PUBLICLY OWNED OR PRIVATELY OWNED? Why not ABOLISH BANKS, ALL TOGETHER, and allow the government to print the money which it needs to perform its public services? In this way, the nation’s currency can be put into circulation. The amount of money printed by the government and circulated, should then be based on the labor of the people who produce the goods and services, which is to say, all the people who work to earn their living. This money, printed by the government, should be based on the PRINCIPLE THAT NOTHING OF VALUE CAN BE PRODUCED WITHOUT HUMAN LA;BOR, by using SOME RELIABLE MEASURE of the TOTAL VALUE of all goods and services produced by the working people of the entire nation. Surely this can be done. We do not need banks to operate the national economy. Banking operations are not essential services to any nation. People can save their money by putting it in safety deposit boxes, and withdrawing from it whenever they need to do so. .

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