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  1. I did watch your interview this AM and I am glad a person such as yourself will take time to share your wisdom with us. I am impressed with you.
    Thank You Again
    Robert Robinson

  2. As I understand the bail in language from a document that is showing that the FDIC and bank of England agreeing to basically giving depositors shares in the failed banks in return for the deposits which gets the FDIC off the hook – I.E. since you get something for your deposits – shares in the failed band – then they are not liable to pay you any deposit insurance. Humm I guess that means try to take your worthless bank shares to the grocery store or pay your rent or house payment ETC. ETC

    The whole derivatives market was a setup for this very situation from decades ago and there is plenty of documentation to show this. That’s why the derivatives market is OTC and not regulated. They have tried to get this monster under regulation but the powers that be just shut the regulation down – dead on arrival in congress.

    • Hi MIke ! Not sure where you get your info, but great stuff ! I understand this is very similar to the pre-crash of ’29 ideas ? Where’s another FDR (or JFK) when we need one ?

    • Your post is not as accurate as it should be. The agreement you are referring to only applies to uninsured depositors and bondholders. Insured deposits are not bailed-in but are still protected by FDIC insurance.

  3. Ellen … as per the 21st minute of your YouTube post, keep it simple. Distribute real-time debt-free weight where the weight’s fluctuating value is governed by the market.

  4. Yes people of planet earth…we are all in real trouble with derivatives if you haven’t figured it out yet….just listen to Ellen here ! She doesn’t straight-line the events leading up to “bail-in”, like Cypress and then Detroit, but it basically goes from ’71, Nixon ending the gold standard and a lot of SEC/wallstreet backdoor, K-street “legislation” of malfeasance and maleficence,…. then Clinton getting rid of Glass-Steagall (risky investment banks can now co-mingle funds with commercial banks) + a lot more SEC rule changes deleterious to the American public, then some unnamed federal judge OKs the FDIC to bail out the big banks when, not if, the derivatives fail…then Bush-2 signs the final version of “bail-in” with the super-priority of first payment on derivative failure to the big banks….of which Detroit was the first victim…with many more cities now in peril…YOUR retirement in peril ! Contact your congressmen NOW !

  5. This is alarming, yes, but the understanding of inflation (the threat of monetizing the debt) is flawed. “Printing” money does *not* cause inflation. See http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2014/08/philip-pilkington-inflation-always-everywhere-monetary-phenomenon.html

    • adameran, My understanding of printing money and inflation are that the money supply should roughly track economic activity as has been done in the past by the fed….but as debt-based money ! We need government printed/generated, debt-free money which would change everything as in no deficits ever again, and a small national debt, mostly private, small or group retirements like E-bonds, etc. Inflation would still happen if the government overprinted/overgenerated, like the private fed banks did with the missing $9T or their “QE programs”, but that would be disallowed for conversion…which would start a war…as if the country is in good shape now…much more on my sites and FB page “Tom LaMar”

  6. Ellen – Thank you for spreading your knowledge and pushing for real solutions! I guest posted this and several other items from your site at http://jdavismemphis.com/2014/12/10/ellen-brown-5-big-banks-will-survive-next-financial-calamity-everybody-else-bankrupt-solutions-included/. I’m a huge fan and have you blog rolled too. – Joseph

  7. Ellen,

    Thank you for your take on the G-20 and bail-ins.
    By the way, the Spaniards have invented a better mattress to stuff…



  8. How can banks be allowed to have such a financial stronghold. Everyone should look at where they put their money and start looking at the credit unions who don’t pay fat cats wages and bonuses. They don’t take the same risks and actually look to helping people rather than potentially take their money that they deposit and use it as a gamble to try and make more money.

  9. […] Och Ellen i en tidigare intervju i samma ämne – USAWatchDog interview on new bail-in rules 12-9-14 […]

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