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  1. Ellen,

    I listened to you on USA Watch Dog, and on George Noory’s Coast to Coast am last Monday night. You are very astute and I really enjoy listening to you. I learn a lot. You’re one of my favorite guests.

    Here is the situation where I reside in Southern California:

    Nestle’, a Swiss Corporation, (Arrowhead Springs Water), has been pumping tens of millions of gallons of water annually from the Strawberry Springs Creek in our San Bernardino mountains. If that isn’t bad enough, the U.S. Forest Service which “manages” the land, has been allowing Nestle’ to steal our water for $500 annually. This has been going on for decades.

    I’ve written to local politicians and sent a letter to the San Bernardino Sun Newspaper, which was published, complaining about the situation. I have not received a response from the politicians. However, in response to my letter, Nestle’ released a large PR piece, which appeared on the front page of the San Bernardino Sun. (Please refer to the investigative report by Ian James, reporter for the Desert Sun Newspaper in Palm Springs, 3.8.15. It is excellent, containing photos and interviews with a former U.S. Forest Service employee who was assigned to the Strawberry Creek area where Nestle’ is siphoning off our water. (Desert Sun published a large report on 3.8.15.)

    We residents are asked to conserve and do without, while Nestle is basically robbing us and nothing is being done to stop them. At the very least, Nestle’ should be forced to pay the going rates for our water, and the residents of San Bernardino County and California should be benefiting from the proceeds.

    Any suggestions you may provide will be greatly appreciated.



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