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  1. Dear MS Brown:

    I have been reading your material regarding “PUBLIC BANKING” for more than a year, and am baffled as to why there have not been any, or at best very few “takers” of this concept. Please enlighten me as to why this reluctance, or inability to institute what you propose is so iron-clad! From your descriptions and facts regarding North Dakota’s experience, one would think all hands would get on board quickly, but, so far as I can see, that is not so. It is clear that “:normal banks” and those running them would object to your concept. Are they so powerful and entrenched as to be insurmountable?

    An article about the attempts to institute Public Banking and why they failed would be of great interest.

    Warwick Tompkins/yacht FLASHGIRL
    lying New Zealand

  2. Woo Hoo! We in So. Cal. get to meet America’s heroine, and if all goes miraculously, our future national Treasury Secretary!

    May God bless the efforts to transparently turn our natural resources and money creation powers into the hands of ALL the People – For the People’s benefit, instead of endlessly benefiting the ‘B.I.S.turds’ and their minions.

  3. Hands in the legislators pockets, & ignorance thru the educational along with media is the problem. Why pay interest, & taxes?

  4. I wish there were a YouTube video of this talk by Ellen and Richard. You are two of my favorite speakers.

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