Panel, June 18th, Long Beach, CA – “Big Banks and Their Changing Impact on Business and the Safety of Our Money: Is Public Banking an Alternative?”

Long Beach PB panel 6-18-16California Democratic Party Business and Professional Caucus, Saturday at 6:30 June 18th, at the Long Beach Hyatt Regency Hotel, 200 S. Pine Ave, Long Beach.

  • Moderator – Ray Bishop, Chair, Business & Professional Caucus, County Small Business Commission, City Commission Industrial Development Authority, Business Owner.
  • Ellen Brown – Attorney and Founder of the National Public Banking Institute, author of twelve books including “Web of Debt” and “The Public Bank Solution”.
  • Mike Gatto – California Assemblyman and Attorney, Chair of the Utilities & Commerce Committee, served as Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Chairman of the Privacy & Consumer Protection. Introduced legislation to establish the “rainy day fund” and Co-Authored AB750 to Create Public Banking in California.
  • John Batiste – Forty Years of Commercial Banking Experience, New York & California. Senior Vice President & Regional Manager specializing in Business & General Banking.
  • Joel Luxenberg – Entrepreneur and advocate for the JOBS Act legislation. Instrumental in developing innovative alternatives to banking to include an active role in Crowdfunder and Investedin. Served as a founder and shareholder in Venture Capital Funds.  Lectured around the world on the impact of EB5 investing and small business entrepreneurship.
  • Kevin Klowden – Managing Economist, Milken Institute & Director of the California Center.  Extensive experience in government affairs and has participated in and hosted events around the world to include the Federal Reserve System & the World Economy. Graduate Degrees from the University of Chicago & London School of Economics.
  • Barbara Polsky – Attorney and Partner, Manat, Phelps & Phillips, one of the nation’s most prominent Banking Law Firms, founded by Chuck Manatt also a founder of LA Bank and Chair of the Democratic Party, Barbara has extensive experience representing numerous domestic and foreign banks as well as major other financial institutions and is well versed in regulatory and compliance matters and M&A.
  • Special Guests: Lisa Pinto, Russell Baldwin, Frank Sanitate, Jeffrey Leckich

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  1. Please livestream for us in the Midwest!? %=@$&#

    Cynthia Thomas, M. Ed. 608.239.0004

  2. Is there a cost to attend this event in Long Beach tomorrow?

  3. Hope there will be an audio or video of this panel available.

  4. kindest greetings: thanks you very much for the invitation; won’t be able to attend but can’t we figure out how to use 1.4 million CA. bernie supporters to put enough people into sacramento to start building a ca. state bank? there must be a way, right??? eddie

    On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 2:03 PM, WEB OF DEBT BLOG wrote:

    > Ellen Brown posted: “California Democratic Party Business and Professional > Caucus, Saturday at 6:30 June 18th, at the Long Beach Hyatt Regency Hotel, > 200 S. Pine Ave, Long Beach. Moderator – Ray Bishop, Chair, Business & > Professional Caucus, County Small Business Com” >

  5. Congrats wonderful. And btw, what was Eric’s MO? He kept asking for money, saying how sick and desperate he was, then accusing me (and others I had introduced him to) of lacking solidarity with the poor of poor countries by not sending him money. Was he like this when you communicated with him? – alanna

  6. 2016-07-1 Dr. Anthony Horvath, author of” CAPITALlessISM … published recently.

    PUBLIC BANKING IS NOT JUST an ALTERNATIVE but it is THE ONLY PEACEFUL , UN-RADICALIZED SOLUTION FOR LONG TERM ECONOMIC STABILITY ….. Have you seen a headless spider … agonizing …. each leg trying to move the body into a different direction. Our AGONIZING economy is a headless economy spider; where the government abdicated his ‘’HEAD’’-right of coordination since 1913. Thus our government is not in a position of authority any more to create its currency supply and enforce/coordinate the capital circulation in order to sustain the economy. Consequently, each private financial institution is pulling according to ITS OWN PROFITABILITY VISION, regardless of the survival needs of the other segments of U.S. It is a headless chaotic economic tag-of-war, among the pulling-private-legs because there is no governmental coordination or regulatory supervision. Since the de-regulations took effect, there is no more harmonizing action between public and private economic needs. Profits overrule public needs. Privatization of healthcare for the poor became the norm, while corporate socialism was born (with the 800 billion$ bailout from the taxpayer’s pocket). Hey, don’t get me wrong … it is all legal and legitimate … but is it fair and ethical??? ….. don’t get me wrong I am not a communist, (far from it …. I escaped from it with my family in 1957)… I am definitely for a fair vision of a capitalist dream that made America great, I am for Roosevelt’s second bill of rights where the legitimate capitalist aspirations of the free-enterprising spirit is harmoniously interfaced with the legal/economic survival needs of the people, …. Where each person has a chance of development and a fair starting chance for free enterprise. PUBLIC BANKING IS THE HEART OF SUCH A DREAM. The key is A PUBLIC PRIVATE BANKING PARTERSHIP NETWORK UNDER GOVERNAMENTAL SUPERVISION.

    As an example for an efficient public banking system, in a short seventy-six years Quebec has built up several economic giants with her version of a public-cooperative banking system: Quebec’s CAISSE POPULAIRE DESJARDINS, a financial cooperative movement, presently valued at over $220 billion (among the world largest banking institutions) and over above the CAISSE DE DEPOT ET PLACEMENT, with an investment pool of 176.2 billion dollars (2012 data), with which they have invested in 4,000 promising Quebec enterprises. To these financial giants add the Bank National and the Laurentian Bank, as well as the investment capital Fond de Solidarité. To this we have to add a NATIONAL ‘’PEOPLE’S’’ ECONOMY CONCEPT WITH ITS VAST NETWORK, CONSISTING OF COOPERATIVE MOVEMENTS WITH ITS RAMIFICATIONS IN MANY SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY. Quebec has the most elaborate cooperative system in the world, which led the national economy in many areas. It started many giant companies that led its economy and which also help Quebec maintain its independence in several key sectors, such as hydroelectricity, liquor sales, agriculture, etc.


  7. There is a very interesting article on Icelandic banking at You might want to feature this in a future article of your own.

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