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  1. Public banking must be our future, the way to go

  2. One of the things I like about public state banks is that they are primarily concerned about the state economy they are based in. They are very aware of the needs of that state. If each county had a branch of the state bank, the state bank would be even more effective in developing the economy, maintaining employment, and improving the standard of living.in their state. The big interstate banks are not concerned about these things. We had a more responsive private banking system when banks were not interstate.

    We also made a mistake when tax policy, and monetary policy became national. Our economy is so diverse and big, that the same tax policy, or monetary policy does not fit the circumstances of all the states, all the time. Some states might be in the boom cycle, and other states will be in a bust cycle, or they may be doing fine. The Federal Reserve will apply monetary policy to all the states. Their monetary policy may be wrong for several states, and correct for others. The same thing occurs when the federal government enacts national tax policy. Primarily relying on national tax, and monetary policies is not the best way to guide our economy.

    I have developed a tax policy that will help solve the inefficiencies of national tax, and monetary policy. I call it the 2% Appreciation/Inflation Taxation Policy.

    For more information, read “Congress Needs To Enact Economic Stabilizer Tax Policy” at http://wp.me/p42WQA-7c http://www.taxpolicyusa.wordpress.com

  3. I enjoyed this interview so much! One unanticipated benefit was to resolve to reread Ellen’s The Public Bank Solution, which I highly recommend to you, dear reader.

  4. Your Web of Debt was the most important book I’ve read since The Shock Doctrine.

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