A run of presentations on public banking

Interest in public banking is high! I just finished a run of 11 presentations and in-person interviews in 7 cities in 10 weeks. Here’s a video from one, a debate with a county official sponsored by the League of Women Voters in San Diego, and two power points from another, the Soil and Nutrition Conference in Southbridge, MA.



Power point, A Deep Dive into Money and Banking, Soil & Nutrition Conf 11-19

Power point, Funding the Green Transition, Soil & Nutrition Conf 11-19

8 Responses

  1. Congratulation, Ellen, great work!

    And nice news about California and municipal public banks.

    Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash.com

  2. ellen brown– my constant and reliable go-to source for the best in progressive economic thinking. love you ellen. please keep up the great work and have a great holiday. peace n love, eddie

  3. Great work over many years Ellen!! Thank you. Could you add the logo that makes it easy to share your blogs on Face book? low tech here.Sandra

  4. Dear Ellen,
    i love very much your work. I am german and know frome there the prinxiples of public bank. Raiffeisen, Volksbank, but also Woergl 1932 in Austria. Now i live in Asuncion in Paraguay and see a big whole in the questions about money. It can be easy, if the people leave the religions.
    many thanks and greetings, willi

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